Wilson suffers gruesome tooth injury but carries on playing

Callum Wilson suffered a gruesome injury to his teeth but still refused to taken off as Newcastle hosted Arsenal in a crucial Premier League clash.

The striker was making his first start in the top-flight since late December, having spent the past four months sidelined with a calf injury. Wilson captained the Magpies at St James Park, leading the line for Eddie Howe's side against the Gunners.

And he put his body on the line to help the hosts to get themselves well on top in the game, which Arsenal needed to win to keep their top four hopes alive. As the game entered the 28th minute, Wilson challenged a Gunners player for the ball.

But as he did so, the Englishman received a brutal whack to his face that left him bleeding. The source of that bleeding was then shown to be a loose front tooth, which had been partially knocked out in the challenge.

The tooth was seen hanging from his gums as Newcastle physios treated him on the sidelines. Wilson may have been forgiven for going off to an emergency dentist's appointment, but he instead stayed on to carry on playing.

He continued to lead the line for the hosts for the final 17 minutes of the first-half, which ended goalless. And fans who were watching on hailed the striker for carrying on, as well as joking about his potential returns from the tooth fairy.

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"Callum Wilson’s first start in months and he gets his front tooth kicked out This guy has no luck," one said. Another added: "Callum Wilson scoring the winner, pulling that tooth out, tucking it under the ball and laying down pretending it’s a pillow. All I want."

A third joked: "Callum Wilson has an appointment with the dentist tomorrow at tooth hurty." Another likened him to Brazilian icon Ronaldo, who had notoriously wonky front teeth: "Callum Wilson activating his inner R9 by taking his own front tooth out. What a player."

A fifth said: "RIP Callum Wilson’s front tooth," with another agreeing: "Callum Wilson’s tooth has seen better days." A final fan suggested Wilson may wake up to an unexpected bonus payment: "Wonder how much Callum Wilson is getting off the tooth fairy tonight."

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