Family’s golden reaction to Ash Barty’s Wimbledon triumph

Ash Barty has cemented her place as one of Australian sport’s modern greats, and the entire country is beaming with pride and adoration.

On Saturday evening, Barty defeated Czech tennis star Karolina Pliskova to secure her second grand slam singles title, also becoming the first Australian woman to win at the All England Club since Evonne Goolagong Cawley achieved the feat in 1980.

Social media was flooded with heartfelt messages of congrats for the Queenslander, but arguably the most touching reaction came from Barty’s family, who were unable to attend the Wimbledon tournament due to travel restrictions.

Watching from their home in Queensland, the ecstatic Barty clan celebrated the momentous victory in their living room at 1am.

Her father is non-drinker, so he enjoyed a Coke No Sugar rather than champagne.

A family sits and hopes _ just as the nation did _ as their daughter does something extraordinary. What pride. @[email protected]/JPuW0Yltnz

Barty’s former doubles partner Casey Dellacqua told Channel 9 on Sunday: “They are just the most beautiful parents and to all parents out there that have kids in sport, take a look at Josie and Rob and how they’ve raised their daughter. She’s got two sisters who she is extremely close with and I know Facetimes them a lot.

“I really want to say to Josie and Rob, congratulations for not only raising a great tennis player, but a great person because that’s what Ash is. She respects everyone around her – from the moment I met her she said her pleases and thank yous which are just little things which are really, really important in day-to-day life and not just in sport.

“So to Josie and Rob and the whole Barty family, congratulations and enjoy the moment.”

Barty’s father Rob told AAP: “We weren’t tennis players. We were golfers. We just thought she was one of these kids that could do everything.

“We had no idea. People used to say how good she was at tennis but we just thought she was a kid having fun.

“Then she goes over and wins (junior) Wimbledon at the age of 15, you don’t usually win the junior slams until you’re 18, your last year, and we sort of thought, ‘Maybe she is pretty good at this game’.”

Ash Barty with her parents in 2017.Source:Getty Images

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On Sunday morning, the official Wimbledon Twitter account shared an amusing audio clip of Hugh Jackman’s reaction to the winning moment.

“Yeeeeees!” the Hollywood star cried.

“That’s it Ash. Class!

“Yeah Ash, you’re a legend.

“And 50 years! 50 years since Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

“Oh my gosh, look at her. There’s just so much emotion.

“So proud of you. Well done Ash, you’re a legend.”

And Jackman certainly wasn’t the only A-lister who joined the celebrations after Barty’s historic feat.

"Well done, Ash, you're a legend!" 🇦🇺

Alternative commentary for @ashbarty's winning moment, Hugh Jackman style 🎙#Wimbledon |


So happy for you @ashbarty, your dream comes true and what a fight. Congratulations on your Wimbledon victory, I hope you and your team celebrate well along with your many fans around the world and back in Australia. 🚀

Magnificent. Inspirational. Congratulations @ashbarty! A great Australian champion. Australia is bursting with pride. A generational achievement.

Respect also for Karolína Plíšková. A great competitor.

Ash Barty. Wimbledon Champion. How good!

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