Kyrgios shoots down talk of a feud with his 'great mate' de Minaur

Nick Kyrgios shoots down talk of a feud with his fellow Aussie and ‘great mate’ Alex de Minaur – and insists he’ll definitely play in the French Open for the first time in six years

  • Nick Kyrgios insists he has a ‘very special relationship’ with Alex de Minaur 
  • Reports of a rift have been rife since Kyrgios withdrew from the United Cup 
  • However, Kyrgios says he will stay in Melbourne to support his countrymen
  • The 27-year-old also said he is keen to play at the French Open later this year 

Nick Kyrgios has refuted claims that he is feuding with Alex de Minaur as the tennis star insisted that the pair share a ‘very special relationship’.

Kyrgios, 27, has come under fire from tennis players past and present in recent weeks after withdrawing from the United Cup and the Adelaide International ahead of the Australian Open.

But on Monday, Kyrgios proved that he wasn’t nursing a ‘fake’ injury after pulling out of the first grand slam of the year, citing a knee issue.

Nick Kyrgios has insisted that there is no rift between himself and Alex de Minaur

De Minaur was particularly scathing of Kyrgios during an interview three weeks ago in Sydney, but refused to discuss his countryman in a recent media engagement. 

And Kyrgios has insisted that there is no feud between himself and De Minaur, as he revealed that he will stick around in Melbourne to support his fellow Australians before undergoing surgery in Canberra.

‘Me and Demon [De Minaur] have a very special relationship,’ he said via the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘I still remember him being the orange boy in the Davis Cup team and I was the one who would hit with him when the tie was finished. 

‘Me and Demon have a great relationship. He came up to me yesterday and said, ‘I’m sorry for everything and I hope your body goes well’. I respect all these players, so it’s not a big deal when I read about me and Demon are feuding. He’s one of my close mates on tour and he always will be.’

The 27-year-old has come under fire for his withdrawals from various competitions

But Kyrgios insists that he has a ‘very special relationship’ with his fellow Australian star

Kyrgios also copped criticism from former Australian hero Lleyton Hewitt for his withdrawal from his United Cup team. The 27-year-old initially responded by saying Hewitt had thrown him under the bus.

Pat Cash also blasted Tennis Australia for sanctioning an exhibition match, for charity, between Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic before the Australian Open. 

‘Everyone has their two cents,’ Kyrgios added. ‘Everyone will kind of speculate or assume how I’m feeling … Maybe just next time appreciate a bit more understanding that there could be something going on.

‘I feel like it’s been like that for the last five or six years of my career. There have always been a lot of past players or Australians giving their two cents about how I go about things. All I take away from it is that three days ago I was able to fill a stadium with Novak and raise a quarter-of-a-million dollars for charity.

Kyrgios is targeting a return at the French Open after pulling out of the Australian Open

‘Playing through pain, I gave myself the best chance. I gave myself a shot to play but I wasn’t able to do it. The rest is all outside noise. I still think I’ve gone about it the right way. It’s still a successful AO for me in the sense I did a lot of things outside the tennis court which was very important for me. I still feel like I’m part of it.’

While he will no doubt be disappointed about missing out on his home slam, Kyrgios is adamant that he will feature at Roland Garros to take part in the French Open for the first time in six years.

‘I’ll definitely have ‘French Open’ circled on my calendar,’ he said. ‘I think I’m as motivated as ever. I was ready for the AO … I’m just going to use this as fuel.’ 

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