Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic in French Open to tie Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam singles titles

Rafael Nadal won the 2020 French Open on Sunday, tying him with Roger Federer for 20 Grand Slam singles titles, the most all-time on the men's list.

And Nadal did it against one of the other greats in the game and a rival, Novak Djokovic, beating him 6-0, 6-2, 7-5. It is just the second straight-sets decision between the two in a Grand Slam final. Nadal has now won 13 times at Roland Garros. Djokovic is one of two players to beat him on the clay court.

The win gives Nadal a 5-4 record against Djokovic in Grand Slam finals. Nadal fell to Djokovic in their last finals matchup at the 2019 Australian Open in their only other straight-sets decision. Djokovic has 17 Grand Slam singles titles. 

“It doesn’t obsess me nor is it a great goal for me," Nadal told the Spanish Daily, La Voz de Galicia, via The New York Times." I am only concerned about my own career and life. I am not worried if the one who lives next to me has a bigger house than mine, has a better car or earns more per month than I do.

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Rafael Nadal shown in action during his match against Novak Djokovic during the final at the French Open. (Photo: Susan Mullane, USA TODAY Sports)

“One has to be satisfied with what one does. And this is what I have done throughout my career, and I am very satisfied for that. Even if Federer or Djokovic finishes with more Grand Slams than me, it won’t affect my happiness 10 years from now.”

The French Open, which is normally played in late May and June, was postponed four months because of the coronavirus pandemic. After originally expecting to allow 11,500 fans daily, the French Tennis Federation had to twice cut the number of fans permitted at Roland Garos — to 1,000. According to data compiled by The New York Times, France's coronavirus cases are spiking currently, with a  32% increase over the last 14 days. There have been more than 718,800 cases and 32,600 deaths.

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