Rafael Nadal rejects opinion over injuries after Alexander Zverev loss at ATP Finals

Rafael Nadal refused to pinpoint the reason for his opening match of the ATP Finals against Alexander Zverev as bad luck.

The Spaniard has been battling an abdominal strain since withdrawing from the Paris Masters and was touch and go whether he would compete in London.

After a week of rehab Nadal’s team made the decision to stick with the original plan in playing, but he didn’t get off to the best of starts.

Zverev hadn’t beaten Nadal in their previous five meetings, but the German was in complete control of the match throughout, eventually sealing the win 6-2, 6-4.

The ATP Finals remains the one big title missing from Nadal’s resume, having lost in both finals back in 2013 and 2010.

Injuries have often caught up with Nadal in the latter stages of the season, forcing him to either withdraw or cancel his appearance in five of the last seven ATP Finals events.

But Nadal didn’t want to to “complain” about any injury issues hampering his performance.

“No, it’s not bad luck,” he said.

“We cannot think, even if it’s not good luck when we achieve important things, it’s not bad luck when you do negative things.

“It’s part of my career, too. Not today. In the past make much more sense because it’s true that I have been playing long and tough seasons, playing a lot of matches and different style of game.

“So when I have been playing the last matches of the season, my body was tough to hold, no?

“But this year I have been playing 11 events, not too many. Just trying to make the things the right way, to finish the season in the health way, healthiest way possible.

“And in this case, personally this case, I think was bad luck in terms of the abdominal injury because is an injury that is not like my knees are suffering and I am pushing.

“No, it was a bad movement, and at one point and I didn’t feel nothing before.

“So is not bad luck probably in the past. This time about abdominal thing was a bad movement. I don’t know we can call bad luck. Bad preparation, I don’t think was that.

“But you can think about reasons, but honestly, I am not the kind of player — you can think about reasons, but honestly I am not the kind of person that I am complaining or giving me a hard time why this is happening or why this is not happening.

“That’s life. Things happen. You need to accept.

“Sometimes the thing that are happening are very positive like most of the time with me. Sometimes negative.

“We need to accept both things being and staying calm at all times.

“That’s what I did probably all my career.”

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