Roger Federer coin so popular it cripples Swiss mint’s website

A commemorative silver coin depicting tennis champion Roger Federer proved so popular that crippled the website of Switzerland's mint.

The coin, with a face value of 20 francs ($A29.60), is the first by the federal mint with a living person on it. Featuring the 38-year-old Swiss grand slam-winner holding a tennis racquet, it was offered for sale on Tuesday (AEDT).

Demand has exceeded expectations, with Swissmint's retail website buckling just hours after the start of the offering, its chief executive offiver Marius Haldimann said.

"As well as being probably Switzerland's most successful individual sportsman, he is also the perfect ambassador for Switzerland," the mint said.

The mint, which is selling the coins for 30 francs each, is making 60,000 but could raise that to 100,000 if necessary.

There is a consolation prize for those missing out: the mint plans to issue a Federer-themed gold coin in May of next year.


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