‘Your life is your own,’ Naomi Osaka posts a powerful message, and Ted Lasso takes notice

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Naomi Osaka is tired of the negative self-talk and so is Ted Lasso.

On Sunday, the tennis star took to social media to reflect on the past year and make a commitment to herself moving forward. Which prompted a swift response from the famed fictional American football coach turned English football manager.

In a lengthy note shared to Instagram and Twitter, the 23-year-old reigning US Open champion expressed gratitude for her “completely unparalleled” support system before addressing a misconception surrounding how “humble” she is. The four-time Grand Slam winner clarified that her perceived modesty is actually a result of being “extremely self-deprecating.”

After acknowledging how she has maligned and questioned herself, Osaka vowed to turn over a new page saying, “I’m gonna try to celebrate myself and my accomplishments more, I think we all should. … Your life is your own and you shouldn’t value yourself on other people’s standards.”

Forbes’ highest-paid female athlete of 2021 — Osaka earned $60 million from May 1, 2020 to May 1, 2021, demolishing the record she had set the year prior — continued, “I know I give my heart to everything I can and if that’s not good enough for some then my apologies but I can’t burden myself with those expectations anymore.”

Her poignant message resonated with one notoriously optimistic fan in particular: Ted Lasso.

The highly contested face of AFC Richmond (sorry Jamie Tartt, no disrespect Roy Kent) was quick to tweet an enthusiastic approval while doubling-down on Osaka’s sentiment as only he could:

Seeing as “Ted Lasso” has been a reliable supplier of joy over the past year, this is a collaboration we can get behind.

On a slightly unrelated note, Osaka should definitely leverage this newfound friendship for some free biscuits.

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