Conor McGregor makes brutal vow to ‘nice guy’ Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor has spoken to Michael Chandler via phone call in recent days and has promised to ‘slice through’ him on his return to the UFC. It will be the Irishman’s first fight in over two years after spending time away from the octagon following a serious injury he suffered to Dustin Poirier in 2021.

McGregor is set to move up in weight after putting on a significant amount of muscle mass in his time away from the sport.

Chandler has been in five fights since he joined the UFC, winning two and losing three, but has faced some of the toughest stars in the sport such as Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier – with him being in fight of the night for 80% of his UFC bouts.

The American is likely to be the favourite to defeat McGregor, but the 34-year-old former double champion is exceedingly confident on what he’ll do when they meet in the octagon later this summer.

Speaking on The Mac Life, he said: “I like Michael, I had a good little buzz with him yesterday. I have no issues with him at all. I think he’s a good fighter. Just having a buzz with him, he’s a nice guy.”

McGregor then said that they had joked about what weight they would fight at during the phone conversation, asking Chandler if he would ‘be alright with 185’.

He added: “I think I’m just gonna slice through him. I think I’m a little too slicey for him than anyone else he’s fought – a little too snappy and whippy.”

When asked why he wanted to feature on the show, McGregor said: “I just wanted to give back to the game, give my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

“I always took motivation from hard workers, people chasing their dream, people that defy doubt, that do not listen to outside noise, that are committed solely to their purpose.”

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