Dana White flaunts one-year body transformation after losing 36lbs in six months

Dana White has showed off the incredible body transformation which saw him lose 36lbs in six months.

Despite not suffering from any dangerous or terminal illnesses, the UFC supremo was told by a doctor and mortality expert he only had around ten years to live. Those words resonated in his mind and he was soon putting in the hours in the gym and making many adjustments to other aspects of his life.

Considering the chiselled six pack, bulging chest, and thick arms he now has at his disposal, he almost has a physique many of his fighters would envy.

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He uploaded a hulking mirror selfie which showed all of the fruits of his labour. It’s safe to say you would be hard pressed to find many better physiques in sport as a whole, let alone in sports management. White did not exactly find the inspiration to get into jaw dropping shape – it may as well have been forced on him.

At the age of 53-years-old, you would think he has plenty of time left on this world. However, a life changing meeting with a doctor and a mortality expert told him his state of affairs would be anything but that, unless he made some very drastic changes.

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“First of all, the thing that freaked me out the most was: he did my blood work—I didn’t tell this guy jack sh** about me, my medical history, what was going on with me personally—he told me everything that was wrong with me,” he said in October last year.

“Sh** that I didn’t even tell my wife. Told me what was wrong with me, told me everything that was wrong with me, from my blood work.

“So he says, ‘If you do what I tell you to do for the next ten weeks, I promise you I’ll change your whole life’. So I’m one of these people that, if I set my mind to do something, I absolutely do it.

“So I did everything he said, to the letter. I lost 30 pounds. My legs were so f***ed up 13 weeks ago, I couldn’t tie my shoes. I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes, because my legs were f***ed up. I could barely walk some days.”

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