Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father hospitalised with suspected ‘pneumonia and flu’

The father of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Abdulmanap, has reportedly been hospitalised with ‘pneumonia and flu’. On Saturday night, Russian journalist Ramazan Rabadanov broke the news that the Dagestani coach was in hospital in Makhachkala.

Alongside an Instagram picture of himself and Abdulmanap, Rabadanov wrote: (He) almost managed to build a park, took out the trash, planted an alley from new trees, put beautiful benches along the roads, and yesterday didn’t come to the park.

“Hopefully the pneumonia doesn’t catch my friend and he comes to the park again.”

According to Rabadanov, it’s not been confirmed if Abdulmanp has been struck down with the coronavirus; although the symptoms he’s exhibiting are similar to those associated with COVID-19.

In an interview with Championat, Rabadanov said: “Abdulmanap is in Makhachkala, in the Second City Hospital. He got sick in the mountains.

Abdulmanap is in Makhachkala, in the Second City Hospital. He got sick in the mountains

Ramazan Rabadanov

He walked for two days, the brothers barely persuaded to go to the hospital. While coronavirus is not confirmed, they say the flu. No one is allowed to visit him.”

Worryingly, Rabadanov revealed fighters close to Abdulmanap have fallen ill.

He said: “The world champion Shamil Zavurov also fell ill. They say there are other sick athletes.”

Abdulmanap, 58, is widely credited for Nuragomedov’s profound success in mixed martial arts world having coached him from a young age.

News of Abdulmanap’s admission to hospital comes less than 24 hours after UFC president Dana White revealed he expects Nurmagomedov to be back in the Octagon in the fall against the winner of Tony Ferguson’s interim lightweight title fight against Justin Gaethje, which will headline UFC 249 on May 9.

The Ferguson vs. Gaethje fight is one of the most violent fights you will see,” White told ESPN on an Instagram Live.

“I can guarantee that. This fight is going to be incredible. The winner will fight Khabib for the title.

“This is for the interim. 100 percent (the winner fights Khabib).”


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