Nate Diaz follows Conor McGregor as UFC star slates Khabib Nurmagomedov in X-rated rant

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Nate Diaz has joined Conor McGregor in ripping into Khabib Nurmagomedov by branding ‘The Eagle’ as a “b****” and a “scared fighter” during a profanity-filled rant. The retired MMA star cannot seem to catch a break since being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame two weeks ago.

Last week, McGregor mocked the Russian’s special moment over Twitter as he shared an edit of Khabib’s ceremony. The image featured McGregor with two bottles of whiskey standing next to the logo of his whiskey brand Proper Twelve, which had been pasted over Khabib’s body.

The tweet, captioned: “Proper Twelve, proud maker of the UFC hof show!” made reference to the whiskey brand’s position as sponsor of the UFC. As a Muslim, Nurmagomedov does not drink alcohol and previously clashed with McGregor when he was offered a glass of whiskey during a press conference for their UFC 229 headliner. Now, Diaz has weighed in on Khabib’s induction and claims that the UFC Hall of Fame is a ‘joke’.

“Khabib’s a f***ing little b**** too,” Diaz said during a special appearance on The MMA Hour on Tuesday. “Who did he beat for the title? He got Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. They’ve both been finished off over and over the same way that he beat them. You ain’t no good.

“You were a scared fighter, scared of fighting the whole time, and now you’re in the Hall of Fame – I was here before the Hall of Fame even showed up actually. Now you’re a Hall of Famer. Whatever. I don’t even want nothing to do with the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a joke too.”

Diaz is currently in a dispute with the UFC over his release from his exclusive promotional contract. The Stockton native has one fight left on his deal and has been trying everything he can to get out of it.


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“They’re slow-rolling me,” he explained. “They’re trying to keep me under contract. And I’ve been doing all I can. I’ve never asked for so many fights in my life. Even right now, they’re not letting me get in there and finish my contract. I don’t want no more money. I want to go do different stuff.

“There’s stuff out there for me to do, and I went in there and talked to them, and it’s with all due respect. You’re not going to let me go? I’ve just had to deal with this more like I’ve been, like repeatedly trying to get the f*** out? It’s my main concern every day. I train every day. I wake up and I train and I try to figure out how to deal with it.”

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