UFC boss Dana White is ‘threatened’ by Jake Paul who is ‘chink is his armour’

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UFC boss Dana White feels threatened by Jake Paul, according to Brendan Schaub.

Former UFC star Schaub referred to the YouTuber as a ‘cheat code’ due to his success early on in his boxing career.

Furthermore, the 38-year-old thinks Paul’s achievements will encourage dissent from UFC fighters due to his hefty financial prizes in boxing.

In a recent episode of The Schaub Show, the American said: “Say what you want about Jake Paul, but he has taken the fight game [and] flipped it on his head.

“Dana is coming after him. Listen, Dana only goes after people that he's threatened by. He has all the money in the world, so when you threaten his business model, which Jake Paul is doing.

“He's completely flipped the game. He's the chink in their armour. He's a cheat code in this fight game."

Paul has previously stated he would dabble in the world of mixed martial arts if he and White came to an agreement.

The American bolstered his preparations for a potential MMA debut after participating in his first kicks training session last week.

However, he recently slammed the UFC chief for increasing pay-per-view prices.

Beginning with UFC 270 on January 22, PPV events showing on ESPN+ in the United States will cost $74.99 (£55), a slight increase on its current price of $69.99 (£51.50).

Paul has repeatedly called out the UFC figurehead in the past and recently put pressure on White to raise the minimum fee combatants earn competing in the world's premier MMA organisation.

And the 24-year-old has reacted to the news that the UFC's pay-per-view prices are soon set to rise for the third time in as many years.

Following his recent appraisal of the company finances, Paul wrote: "'Best year we ever had,' White. 'Sponsorship is through the roof. Social media, our numbers on PPV, our numbers on television, arena records. This business is on fire.'

"Also Dana White: 'We are again raising PPV prices and saying FU to fans and fighters'."

Other members of the UFC world have criticised White’s decision to raise PPV fees, including former referee John McCarthy.

McCarthy told Thomson on the Weighing In podcast: "These sons of bi***es taking more money man. What do you do? It's like everyone else isn't taking enough money.

"Oh now, you're going to…You gotta figure it's just part of the game. More money, $75 for a pay-per-view anymore. UFC started off at $14.99."

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