The luckiest hockey players

Even in sports, you need to be able to make a winning bet on time. Sometimes it provides stable well-being for many years. This is exactly what happened in the lives of several successful hockey players that they were able to show themselves well and profitably “sell”. Of course, it cost a lot for the wrong clubs, but this is not the problem of the athletes.

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Perhaps you will be able to catch your “bird of happiness”, like the heroes of this article.

Chicago Blackhawks clearly rushed Seth Jones

The contract was signed a long time ago, but comes into force only this season. The validity period is 8 years, the payment is 9.5 million. But he managed to finish last season with a utility factor of minus 37. Where did such a huge amount in the contract come from is still unclear.

Speaking abstractly, he managed to sign everything at the peak of his form.

Buffalo Sabers surprise everyone

The incident happened back in 2019. For inexplicable reasons, an 8-year contract was signed with Jeff Skinner at a rate of 9 million. He was never among the hockey stars, he finished the season with 63 points. Why has it suddenly become so expensive? There is no intelligible explanation.

Dallas Stars don’t learn from their mistakes

For the maximum possible period, Jamie Benn was engaged in 2017 for 9.5 million. The acquisition was not so successful. For example, in the season ended, he scored 46 points.

But this did not leave the leadership of the team and in 2019 they consolidated their “success” by signing a contract for 9.85 million with Tyler Seguin. Now he has got as many as 49 points.

The epic failures of the San Jose Sharks

That’s who exactly should play on the sweepstakes, make bets in betting applications – the Swede Eric Karlsson. In 2018, he signed a luxurious 8-year, $11.5 million cap-hit deal with San Jose. Over the years, he scored 97 points and minus 47 points on the utility index.

  • A little cheaper (8 million) cost before moving to another HK Brent Burns.
  • Mark Vlašić still makes $7 million here.

By the way, the contractual obligations between the players and the team will end when Eric is 37 and Mark is 39 years old.

Of course, there are many reverse situations when a hockey player receives a salary much lower than he deserves. It might just be worth taking the risk and betting on winning. After all, some representatives of the hockey fraternity were able to make a correct prediction for the result and win big.