Boxer baffles opponent by pretending to be dinosaur in ‘weirdest weigh in ever’

Boxing weigh-ins are always unpredictable.

Tables have been thrown, fights have been had, and colourful language is indiscriminately fired like machine gun bullets. Security guards are often on hand to react to any violence, and promoters always ensure they have enough space behind them to jump out of the line of fire.

Of course, boxing fans like to think they have seen everything when it comes to fiery, weird and wonderful press conferences.

Well, for those who are of this belief, they need to spend a few minutes watching the strange weigh-in for the clash between Mohammed ‘the Destroyer’ Bekdash and Musa ‘the dinosaur’ Ntege.

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Everything seemed rather mundane and peaceful when Ntege stepped onto the scales. The Ugandan fighter was a late replacement to fight unbeaten Syrian powerhouse Bekdash.

The latter boasted a terrifying 25-0 record with 22 of his victories coming by way of a knockout prior to the contest. With a significantly more humble record of eight victories, six knockouts, and four defeats, Ntege was the underdog.

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In a bid to try and get into the mind of the cruiserweight knockout artist, Ntege unveiled what could only be described as his prehistoric alter-ego. After his weight was announced, he arched his back, stretched his neck out, bent both arms and brought them into his chest.

He then hopped off the scales like he was a little velociraptor. When he faced off against Berkdash, Ntege admirably stayed within his dinosaur persona.

The Ugandan looked up at him and even bumped the cruiserweight powerhouse with his backside. Steven Spielberg will not be directing any movies about the African boxing star anytime soon.

Unfortunately for Ntege, his dinosaur persona did not help him in the ring. Bekdash immediately pounced on the African and knocked him out with a meteor-like blow in the first round.

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