Ebanie Bridges says ‘I don’t wanna pop a t*ttie’ after ‘smash your face in’ vow

Ebanie Bridges will return to the ring against Aussie rival Avril Mathie on December 9 – and headshots are on the menu despite their respective modelling stardom.

The Blonde Bomber will resume her career almost a year to the day after the first defence of her IBF bantamweight title against Shannon O'Connell, following which she had surgery on her hand.

Despite Bridges (10-1) and Mathie (9-1) both having lucrative side hustles that depend on their looks – the champ isn't worried about her face – but her chest.

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Kicking off a back and forth with Mathie on X, previously known as Twitter, Bridges wrote: "I can’t wait to smash your pretty face in." Alongside a kissing face and smiling face with horns emoji.

Responding, a cheeky fan asked: "Any chance we could avoid each other's faces please ladies?" To which the 37-year-old replied: "Hahaha not sure I wanna pop a t*ttie."

Mathie then had her say on the initial post, getting the intention of her rival by posting: "Would only be fair play after I’ve already exploded your right t*t."

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Bridges hit back: "You gotta land on it to do that babes." A chuckling Mathie concluded: "You say that like they’re gonna be hard to miss."

Bridges has made a fortune posting subscription content online which she teases on Instagram, with Mathie a former Miss Swimsuit Australia as well as being a fitness model.

The exchange was in good spirits with Bridges previously detailing her respect for the 36-year-old, who suffered a first career defeat against Ramla Ali earlier this year.

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Bridges told the Daily Mail Australia: "I'm friends with Avril and I respect her a lot. She's another girl who has left Australia to chase her dreams – she's really tough and has dedicated herself to boxing.

"I'm excited for this fight because I know our styles will go well together. We both also have big followings – so I'm naming this the 'Battle of the Babes'.

"It will be the sexiest fight ever."

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