EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Fury on why he has no interest in fighting AJ

EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Fury has no interest in fighting Anthony Joshua and tells his British rival to ‘get to the back of the queue’

  • Tyson Fury called AJ a ‘big bum-dosser’ and said he would never fight the Brit
  • Fury said that bout ‘died’ when AJ got ‘spanked by Usyk’ and lost to a ‘fat man’
  • The Gypsy King, 35, admitted he is only interested in fighting for financial gain 

Tyson Fury has no interest in fighting Anthony Joshua despite the fact boxing fans are longing for an all-British bout between the two heavyweights. 

Fury described Joshua as a ‘big bum-dosser’ who was beaten by a ‘fat man’ and stated their bout was ‘dead’ in the water following AJ’s second defeat to Oleksandr Usyk. 

The Gypsy King – who is taking on Francis Ngannou in a highly anticipated crossover bout in Saudi Arabia next month – says he’s more interested in fighting the likes of Jon Jones. 

Fury told Mail Sport he was only interested in bout that would make him a lot of money and he said there is more potential in fighting an American like Jones than there is fighting AJ. 

However, Eddie Hearn denied such claims and said there is ‘massive’ money available for an all-British between AJ and the Gypsy King.

Tyson Fury called AJ a ‘big bum-dosser’ and said he would never fight the British heavyweight 

Fury said the potential bout ‘died’ when Joshua got ‘spanked by Usyk’ and lost to a ‘fat man’ 

Fury (left) said he is more interested in fighting people like Ngannou (right) as they are bigger than AJ, stronger than AJ and have a great knockout ability than AJ

Speaking exclusively to Mail Sport, Fury said: ‘I don’t really care what he says. He’s a bum in my opinion. He’s just one big bum-dosser that has been knocked out three times. 

‘He’s been knocked out twice and had three losses. He can’t even compare in my league anymore. It’s not even a fight I am thinking about anymore. I’m not even interested. 

‘That bubble has been burst. His virginity has been taken away so it’s not interesting for me anymore. He’s been spanked by Usyk twice and been beaten by a fat man. So it’s not in my interest to beat him. 

‘I am fighting a guy who is in his prime, who is a champion, who is bigger than him, who is stronger than him and who is a bigger knockout puncher than him. 

‘He needs to get to the back of the queue. That fight is gone, it’s dead. That fight was off the cards as soon as he got beaten.’ 

Fury and Joshua had been locked in talks over a Battle of Britain bout last year but discussions broke down after the Gypsy King grew impatient waiting for AJ to sign the contract. 

Negotiations over the highly-anticipated bout had been ongoing for months before both parties declared the fight – which was scheduled to take place on December 3, 2022 – was officially off the cards. 

The Gypsy King said he was furious at AJ for ‘wasting his time’ and stated he would never fight the 32-year-old in the future as a result. However, Fury made a shock U-turn just a couple of months later and returned to the negotiating table. 

Fury and Joshua had been locked in talks over a Battle of Britain bout last year but discussions broke down after the Gypsy King grew impatient waiting for AJ to sign the contract

He took to social media to tell his fans that Queensbury had sent AJ a draft contract. His caption read: ‘A few days ago I sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua for a fight in September.

‘It’s a fight that everyone wants to see including myself. Come of AJ lets give the world what they want to see. This time I’m not gonna make a million vids and keep putting pressure on. The ball is now on your side.’

But, little came from the social media post and Joshua decided to pursue a rematch with Dillian Whyte instead. AJ managed to secure a bout with the Body Snatcher but was forced to face Robert Helenius instead after Whyte failed a drugs test. 

AJ knocked the stand-in rival out with devastating right hand, sending the Finnish heavyweight boxer crashing to the canvas in the seventh round. But, that wasn’t enough to convince Fury to return to the negotiating table. 

Instead, the Gypsy King has secured with a crossover fight with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and spoken about his desire to face Jon Jones next as he believes there is more money on offer for that bout. 

However, Eddie Hearn told Mail Sport there was a ‘massive’ amount of money available for the all-British bout. The Matchroom promoter said: ‘Fury said he’s not interested in undisputed and that he thinks Usyk is rubbish. 

‘He said he’s only interested in the big boys. But, who are the big boys? If it’s not Usyk and AJ, who is it? They are two massive fights.  

‘It frustrates me because if Fury beats Usyk and AJ, he goes down as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. He will have beaten Klitschko, Wilder, AJ and Usyk. And, it’s massive money for both fights. It’s not like the money is bad for those fights. I don’t get it. I’ll never get it.’

Joshua says there will be a ‘massive’ amount of money on the table for the AJ vs Fury fight

Hearn finished by joking: ‘I’ve been watching at Home With The Furys to try and understand him but I’ve not cracked it yet.’ 

However, Fury isn’t bothered by the criticism he’s received for walking away from a bout with Joshua. He told Mail Sport: ‘Haters are going to hate. I am getting a bag. I am getting a f***ing big bag too. So, I won’t feel bad when I am cashing my cheque in. 

‘I won’t care when I am eating ice cream and marshmallows all day drinking Pina Coladas. I’m not thinking, ‘what about those boxers?’ and all that s***. 

‘So, yeah, haters are going to hate. Everyone famous has haters. I’m sure Van Gogh had his haters too but I can’t name any of them today so that just shows you. We’ll be alright.’

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