Fans claim Francis Ngannou was 'ROBBED' of win against Tyson Fury

Boxing fans claim Francis Ngannou was ‘ROBBED’ of win against Tyson Fury as judges rule Gypsy King as the winner by split decision, despite Ngannou knocking Fury down in third round

  • Tyson Fury kept his unbeaten run as he defeated Ngannou by split decision 
  • Fans were unhappy with decision, claiming that the MMA fighter was ‘robbed’ 
  • Fury praised Ngannou as ‘one of the toughest fights’ he’s faced in recent years 
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Former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou’s strong performance in the ring against Tyson Fury was not enough to clinch a win.

The decision was met with boos around Boulevard Hall in Riyadh as it was announced that the UFC fighter had lost. 

Fans took to social media to express their shock at the judges’ decision, with one writing that Ngannou was ‘robbed’. 

The MMA fighter lost out narrowly by split decision, despite knocking down the Gypsy King in the third round. 

Speaking after the right, Fury said it was ‘one of the toughest fights I’ve had in the last ten years’. 

Fury was knocked down in round three after Ngannou landed a punch sending him to the floor

Fury was announced at the winner of the heavyweight fight against Francis Ngannou 

Fans raged as Fury was announced as the winner, claiming the result was to ‘save face’ 

Oleksandr Usyk looks on prior to the Heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou struck early in his fight against Tyson Fury, knocking the WBC heavyweight champion to the canvas during the third round of their hotly anticipated fight.

Despite going on to win via split decision, the Gypsy King was in trouble after he tried to land a right hand on the MMA heavyweight, with Ngannou catching him on the temple with a huge left hook.

The 35-year-old dropped to the canvas and took a moment to recover, before rising to his feet with seconds left in the round.

Fans shared their opinions online, with one stating that it was ‘daylight robbery’ for Ngannou, and others joining in that the Cameroon national was ‘robbed’.

Another added: ‘[Oleksandr] Usyk would absolutely destroy Tyson Fury if he fights anything like he did tonight.

‘Absolute travesty, I love Tyson Fury but he’s never ever won that.’ A fourth wrote. 

Following a brilliant effort from Ngannou throughout all ten rounds, Fury paid respect to him in his post-fight interview.

He called Ngannou ‘a hell of a fighter’ and admitted it was one of his toughest fights of the last decade.

‘That definitely wasn’t in the script. Francis is a hell of a fighter, a strong, great puncher. 

Tyson Fury praised Ngannou in his post-fight interview for his strength and as a ‘great puncher’

Fury bounced back by landing a few punches and eventually went on to win the fight 

On being knocked down in the third round, Fury said: ‘I got caught round the back of the head. I wasn’t hurt. I got up and got back to my boxing.’

The fight was hotly contested, with fans calling for Ngannou to venture into boxing after impressing fans in his first ever professional boxing match. 

Fury retained his unbeaten run, with the judges calling it by split decision. One gave it to Francis Ngannou 95-94, one 96-93 to Fury, and the deciding judge had it 95-94 to Fury.

Calls for Fury to face Oleksandr Usyk were amplified, as the Ukrainian boxer watched from ringside. 

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