John Fury wants KSI to pay him £200,000 after losing to Tommy

John Fury calls for KSI to ‘be a man and pay your bets’, as he demands £200,000 from the YouTube star following controversial loss to his son Tommy

  • Tommy Fury beat KSI on points in their grudge match on Saturday
  • John Fury claims he and KSI put £200,00 on the outcome of the fight
  • John now wants KSI to pay him the money after being beaten by his son 

John Fury has demanded £200,000 from KSI after claiming the YouTube star lost their bet on the outcome of his fight with his son Tommy.

KSI and Tommy finally met in the ring on Saturday after an ill-tempered build-up, and it was the latter who controversially got his hand raised despite having a point deducted for hitting around the back of the head in the second round.

John has plenty of faith in his son, after making an ‘all or nothing’ bet worth $2m with Jake Paul back in February ahead of his fight with Tommy.

Tommy won that fight on points as well, but John has stated he did not receive the money from Paul. He went online on Wednesday evening to call out KSI for their own bet, making it clear he is expecting a hefty sum to be sent his way.

‘Just a quick video for KSI,’ John said in a video posted on social media. ‘You owe me £200,000. 

Tommy Fury edged past KSI on points in their grudge match last Saturday

John Fury claims he had a £200,000 bet with KSI on the outcome of the fight, and has demanded the YouTube star pays him

‘We had a bet and I want paying. Now, don’t be like the other fella, Jake Paul, be a man and pay your bets. You had a bet live on a podcast – we’ve got all the evidence there, we’ll put it all together. You owe me, John Fury, £200,000 and I want paying. Thank you very much.’

John appears to be referring to a live podcast where he said to KSI: ‘I will bet you £200,000 of my money he stops the s*** out of you. Have we got a bet?’

KSI responded: ‘I’m down. Deal. I’ll take your £200,000.’

Tommy failed to stop KSI, but was declared the winner on the night as he maintained his unbeaten record while handing his rival his first loss.

KSI insisted the decision was a ‘robbery’ in the immediate aftermath, and vowed to appeal the verdict.

John and KSI had a number of run-ins during the lead up to last Saturday’s fight, with the former bringing the opening press conference in August to an abrupt end when he flipped and smashed tables on stage.

They locked horns again during fight week, as KSI spat in John’s direction after having a bottle thrown at him for interrupting an interview that John was taking part in with Tommy.

At the final press conference, John flashed his backside at KSI before taking to the stage to punch and headbutt a cage as KSI and Tommy performed a face-off.

KSI reportedly earned £10m for the fight with Tommy, but John firmly believes he is owed £200,000 of that purse. 

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