Logan Paul is stunned by Jake's first round KO in reaction video

Logan Paul is stunned by his brother Jake’s first round KO in ringside reaction video… before mocking the defeated Andre August by pretending to be asleep!

  • Jake Paul knocked out Andre August with a first round uppercut in Orlando
  • His brother Logan has gone viral with his reaction video posted on X (Twitter)
  • Jake Paul should NOT fight Conor McGregor if he’s serious about being world champion – The Hook

Logan Paul’s reaction to Jake Paul’s KO win over Andre August has gone viral after showing him stunned – before mocking the loser by pretending to be asleep. 

Jake Paul returned to the ring four months after beating Nate Diaz, and made light work of August, unleashing a vicious right uppercut 40 minutes from the end of the opening round which sent August tumbling to the canvas flat on his back. 

Logan, Jake’s elder brother, was ringside for the victory in Orlando, and quickly posted a humorous reaction to the knockout blow on X (formerly Twitter).

With the camera quickly panning between the action and Jake, the 28-year-old influencer is seen smiling gleefully, stunned at the fast victory.

He was also broadly smiling when he put his head to his hands in a sleeping motion, in a mocking nod to the way his brother had put August to bed.

Logan Paul posted a funny reaction video to his brother Jake’s first-round victory in Orlando

Jake Paul’s early uppercut floored his opponent Andre August to earn two wins on the bounce

However, despite Logan’s pleasure at his younger brother’s victory, other members of the boxing world were less impressed by the performance and the easy nature of the contest. 

Dillon Danis wrote: ‘Don’t even entertain that fight. A gust of wind could have knocked that bum out.’ 

Pundit Showbizz The Adult blasted the fight as ‘fake’, while Hasim Rahman Jr. reacted by just posting a crying laughing emoji. 

Bryce Hall wrote: ‘hype was there for sure, now what are we thinkin for jake paul’

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