Ngannou warns that it will be 'good night' for Fury in super-fight

Francis Ngannou warns that it will be ‘good night’ for Tyson Fury if he lands a shot on the Gypsy King’s chin… but British star claims he feels ‘bulletproof’ heading into their crossover bout

  • Francis Ngannou has warned Tyson Fury about his sensational knockout power 
  • The MMA star suggested it will be ‘lights off’ for the Gypsy King when they fight 
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Francis Ngannou has claimed that it will be ‘good night’ for Tyson Fury if the British heavyweight allows a clean shot to land on his chin.

The two combat stars finally faced off, on Thursday, ahead of their highly anticipated crossover boxing bout – which will take place in Riyadh on October 28th. 

Many have suggested that Ngannou’s impressive knockout power, which has been displayed throughout his mixed martial arts career, could be the key to victory. 

And, during their press conference, the Cameroonian reaffirmed that notion and insisted that it will be ‘lights out’ for Fury. 

‘If it does land… good night. Lights off. What do you think will happen?’, Ngannou said.

Francis Ngannou (pictured) has issued a warning to Tyson Fury ahead of their super-fight 

The combat stars will share the boxing ring in a bout being dubbed ‘Battle of the Baddest’

He continued: ‘I mean, not to mention that this is a heavyweight fight. We know that anybody in the heavyweight division can knock anybody out. You don’t need to have a tremendous power.’

Fury was then asked for his opinion on the matter, to which he said: ‘I can’t really comment until I’ve felt his power.

‘I don’t know what it’s going to be like. Is it going to be much different from every other heavyweight that I’ve fought? Probably not. Will it bounce off me? Probably so. Because I’m bulletproof’. 

Prior to the press conference starting, Fury was interviewed on the red carpet and boldly claimed that he would beat Ngannou in both boxing and MMA. 

He told TNT Sports: ‘I’d like to fight Ngannou in the cage, I think I can beat him for sure. He’s not a good wrestler, he’s known for striking and I’m a better striker than him. In little gloves, I’d knock him out in seconds.

The two combat stars will share the boxing ring on October 28th in a bout that is being described as the ‘Battle of the Baddest’.  

The two stars faced off for the first time at the end of their press conference on Thursday

Fury went on to suggest: ‘I’d fight Jon Jones also in the cage, if the money was right.’

The boxing star appears to have U-turned on his stance, after initially claiming that he would only fight Jones in boxing.

In May, Fury took to his Instagram page to clarify his thoughts on the matter. 

He wrote: ‘If you guys want to fight me it’s got to be under boxing rules. I don’t roll round the floor, I stand up and punch.’

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