Paul claims there is 'unsettled tension' with rival Tommy Fury

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Paul admits he has ‘respect’ for Tommy Fury but claims there is ‘unsettled tension’ between the pair and wants to avenge his loss… but says he is NOT chasing fight with KSI as he pursues a boxing world title

  • Jake Paul says he wants to avenge his loss against Tommy Fury in the future 
  • He spoke of newfound ‘respect’ for his old rival but said there was still ‘tension’ 
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Jake Paul has talked up the possibility of a rematch with Tommy Fury – as he claimed he had ‘respect’ for his rival – but insisted he was not chasing a fight against KSI. 

Paul is looking ahead to his next fight against pro boxer Andre August on December 15 – as he bids to carve out a path to becoming a world champion in the sport – but said he was still open to facing Fury again after the brother of world champion Tyson defeated him via split decision in February. 

That fight in Saudi Arabia ended on a shock note as Paul sent Fury to the canvas with a shot that the former Love Island star claims was a slip.

Still, Paul believes the pair put on an entertaining bout that has left both of them craving another showdown – insisting there was ‘unsettled tension’ between them. 

He said their relationship had evolved after the build-up to their first fight saw both men launch vile insults at each other – while Paul often teased Fury after injury and visa issues delayed their showdown.

‘Me and Tommy have this respect for each other because it was a good fight which was pretty technical for the level we’re at,’ he told Mail Sport.

Jake Paul insists he has ‘respect’ for Tommy Fury despite their heated rivalry in the past 

Fury defeated Paul via split decision earlier this year and the YouTuber says there is still ‘unsettled tension’

‘He won but I knocked him down so it kind of was this, “I see you, you see me” type of thing. There’s definitely still unsettled tension there, figuring out who the better man is. 

‘I don’t think he likes that I knocked him down and I don’t like that he won. So I think we need to settle that. I have respect for him but I need to come back and avenge my loss.’

Fury’s last fight saw him controversially claim a unanimous decision victory over KSI in Manchester during a lacklustre spectacle that saw both men clinching regularly and failed to land many shots on one another.

Paul hit out at KSI’s timid display but said he was not currently focused on chasing him for a fight in the near future – claiming there had been ‘radio silence’ from him since he was beaten. 

Paul believes the pair see each other in a new light and wanst to avenge his defeat 

‘My performance [against Fury] was much closer to winning than KSI’s hugging fest. He was acting like he got hit round the head to win points,’ he added.

‘[KSI fight] is in the back of my mind. I have tunnel vision. I’m focusd on this path and it’s the path I’ve always said i was gonna go on. KSI has never stepped up to the plate to make it happen. 

‘I’ve agreed to his terms, I’ve said you can be the A-side, I’ve said we can do it at 185lbs, 50/50 split, there’s just radio silence. I think especially after his loss to Tommy he’s come out and said it’s not something I’m interested in and I’m gonna take a break. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but I’m ready.’

This year has been a successful one for the Pauls – with Jake and his brother Logan both enjoying lucrative fights and deals. Logan in particular has made headlines for becoming the United States champion in the WWE – and he also raked in a healthy sum for facing MMA artist Dillon Danis on the Fury v KSI undercard.

He said he was not chasing a fight against KSI, who he ridiculed for his ‘hugging fest’ against Fury

However, the build-up to that fight descended into an ugly farce when Danis proceeded to goad Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal by posting X-rated photos on her – almost daily – on social media. 

Danis also made a succession of vile taunts before being dominated in the ring – and was then disqualified for attempting jiu-jitsu moves. 

Paul said Danis threw away the opportunity to become a big name in boxing with his conduct, which he then failed to back-up and lost respect in the process.

‘He dug himself into the hole with what he did and the way he promoted it without backing it up,’ he said. 

‘The word embarrasing was trending on Twitter for 24 hours talking about him. He went from this super high level of potential to become a massive name and he lost all of it in one swoop. 

‘That’s the name of the game – if you’re not going to train and come and fight legitmately and do take downs and jiu-jitsu in a boxing match, people aren’t gonna f*** with you. It is what it is.’

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