Tommy Fury and Cristiano Ronaldo in awkward exchange over handshake out in Saudi

Fans reckoned Tommy Fury left Cristiano Ronaldo hanging after they posed for a selfie together.

Manchester United fan Fury, who's in Saudi Arabia to support his older half brother Tyson in his fight against Francis Ngannou, got a picture with Red Devils legend Ronaldo at the gala dinner for the Battle of the Baddest on Friday (October 27).

He waited in a long line of stars readying their phones for a selfie, eventually taking his turn before walking off straight after. Ronaldo, meanwhile, looked down to the floor before moving on to the next picture.

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After a clip of the moment was shared online, one fan argued: "CR7 was waiting for a handshake." A second questioned: "Wait! No handshake for the GOAT?"

Others were focused on the difference in height, with one asking: "Why does Tommy look 5'6"?" Another exclaimed: "Ain't no way Tommy Fury this short."

Ronaldo was actually standing on a higher tier of the platform which had been used to take a snap of all the combat sports legends in attendance in Riyadh.

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He also interacted with the Gypsy King, sitting down together and having a conversation. Fury told him: “Cristiano, you're the greatest footballer that's ever lived, and I mean that.

“I'm a big fan, I watch all the football, I watched you when you were at United, the first time, second time, all of the Real Madrid, everything.”

Ronaldo replied: “But you've never been to the stadium?” Before Fury responded: “I come to the stadium but I get very much tortured while I'm there, so it's very difficult for me.”

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