Tommy Fury seethes at ‘scruffy’ KSI after rival spat at his dad John Fury

KSI and Tommy fury workout ahead of Saturday showdown

Tommy Fury has branded KSI as ‘scruffy’ and ‘classless’ after the YouTube star spat in the direction of his father John Fury on Wednesday. The two fighters will come face-to-face on Saturday evening when they contest a much-hyped crossover boxing match at Manchester’s AO Arena.

A public workout session was staged on Wednesday with all of the fighters involved in the double headline bill and bulky undercard on show for the first time.

The entourages of Fury and KSI were kept apart during the warm-up event but when the latter spotted his opponent from a passing balcony, he began to throw verbal abuse down to the floor.

As tensions heightened, John Fury threw a bottle up in the direction of the Misfits Boxing boss, which then led to KSI spitting back down in the direction of the 59-year-old.

The unpleasant incident was not clocked by Tommy Fury at the time but when quizzed about it later by reporters he claimed that it was clear that KSI was getting rattled ahead of their headline fight.

Speaking to Furocity, Fury said: “I mean, yeah, I’ve seen it for myself now. You know what surprises me, these YouTubers, they’ve got loads and loads of kids that look up to them and admire them, they’re the perfect role models and whatever.

“Yet you’ve got KSI spitting over a balcony at a man who’s twice his age, his elder. Now you should respect your elders, have less to say.

“But I don’t understand [why people look up to him]. It shows where the world is going when kids are looking up to people like that. Spitting over a balcony.”

KSI’s mouth missile did not make contact with Fury’s dad John, but the former Love Island star has insisted that everyone in the building should be grateful that it didn’t.

The 24-year-old also believes that the social media star’s wild antics and constant trash-talking have been brought on by Fury’s comparatively calmer approach to Saturday’s dust-up in Manchester.

He said: “Honestly, if he’d have spat on my dad right, and that had landed on his forehead, I’m telling you now everyone would have been going down until my dad got to KSI.

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“There would have been no one to stop him. He’d have hit everybody in his path, I’m telling you now. That would have been awful. But at the end of the day, it’s just scruffy isn’t it? There’s no class, no professionalism. It’s just scruffy, it’s just a scruffy thing to do.

“But that shows where his mental state is. He’s mentally gone. I think I’ve really got into his head because most of his opponents – well, all of his opponents – they go back and forth with him, they play his games, they’re in that little war.

“But I tell you what, silence is golden – and that’s all he’s had out of me for the whole camp: silence. And it’s confused him. He can’t get my name out of his mouth, he keeps on talking and talking.

“But now I’ve not played to his game and his a**e his going like this [twitching] now and he’s acting like that because he’s only got three days and he’s in for it.”

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