Pep Guardiola congratulates Tommy Fleetwood after Ryder Cup triumph

Pep Guardiola sends congratulatory message to ‘incredible guy’ Tommy Fleetwood after Team Europe’s Ryder Cup triumph

  • Europe regained the Ryder Cup on Sunday with a 16.15 to 11.5 win over America
  • Pep Guardiola congratulated ‘incredible guy’ Tommy Fleetwood for his role
  • The Brit secured the  Cup-winning point in his game against Rickie Fowler 

Man City boss Pep Guardiola  has offered his congratulations to ‘incredible guy’ Tommy Fleetwood for his role in Europe’s Ryder Cup success on Sunday.

The home side won 16-5-11.5 after producing a dominant opening set of singles performances on Sunday, with Fleetwood securing the Cup-winning point in his match against Rickie Fowler.

Europe’s win came after their harrowing Whistling Straits defeat two-years ago, as they thrashed an American team who constantly found themselves trying to regain ground throughout the competition. 

Guardiola was full of praise for the Brit, as he said in a post on X: ‘You deserve this Ryder Cup more than anyone else.

‘You are an incredible guy and as everyone knows an exceptional golfer. Love you. Congratulations Europe to get the back.’

Tommy Fleetwood’s win over Rickie Fowler on Sunday secured Europe’s Ryder Cup victory

Man City boss Pep Guardiola congratulated the Brit and told him he ”deserves this more than anyone else’

Fleetwood and Guardiola are believed to be friends and played a pro-am event together in 2018

The pair are believed to be friends, and played alongside one another in a pro-am competition back in 2018.

 Man City owner Sheikh Mansour also commented on the Ryder Cup success, saying in response to Guardiola: ‘Pep being an avid golfer is one of my favorite things about him. Golfers def have a certain kindred spirit among them.

‘Also has to be pretty cool to win the Ryder Cup and have Pep Guardiola tweeting that he loves you.’

 Fleetwood was visibly emotional after securing Europe’s win against, as he celebrated with the crowd after Fowler conceded following a tricky missed putt.

Speaking after the win, he told Sky Sports: ‘I’m just so happy to be a part in it, it was a bit bigger than I thought I was going to have when we saw the draw, but I’m just so proud of being a part of this team.

‘We’ve done what we came here to do. We have an amazing group of people, we always do. This year’s obviously been different, the landscape has changed a little bit for team Europe, I couldn’t wish for a better group of people to do this with.

‘It’s been so amazing an everyone is so great. We are just one gigantic family. Relief, pride joy, I’m just proud to be one of the people that gets to play a role in what we came here to do.’

Fleetwood was visibly emotional after the win and described his team as ‘one gigantic family’

Man City owner Sheikh Mansour also commented on the Ryder Cup and described Guardiola as ‘an avid gofler’

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