Tyrrell Hatton tells Ryder Cup journalists to ‘f*** off’ in funny exchange

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Ryder Cup star Tyrrell Hatton jokingly told a journalist to ‘f*** off’ after being asked if he would challenge partner Jon Rahm to a ‘swear-off’. The golfer has earned a reputation for having one of the filthiest mouths on tour, frequently producing fiery outbursts. 

The Team Europe man has been partnered with Rahm for the Ryder Cup. Both players are known for their colourful language while on the course. 

But Hatton insists he would win a swearing competition against the Spaniard, and has become bemused why his colleague does not simply use profanity in his mother tongue. The 31-year-old’s press conference then turned sweary when he hilariously told a reporter to “f*** off”. 

“I don’t understand why Jon doesn’t swear in Spanish. Why does he swear in English? I don’t get it,” Hatton said when asked about comparisons between his and Rahms personalities.

“He would probably get away with it if he just swore in Spanish. Maybe the English language has a bit more punch to it with certain words.

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“I think I would probably win in a swear-off. I’ve got everyone covered when it comes to that.‌ Just any time of day, anywhere (I would swear). There’s no holding back.‌

“It doesn’t matter what we’re doing. I’m swearing.”

Asked by a reporter if he would challenge Rahm to a swear-off, Hatton hilariously responded: “F*** off.”

Hatton was questioned if he knew any Spanish swear words, and he quipped: “I think I’d do it a pretty poor attempt if I tried. I don’t want to embarrass myself or upset Jon in front of him. But I’d probably win in a swear-off between me and him.”

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Back in July, Hatton insisted that his outbursts were not the result of him trying to be funny. He claimed that they were instead spur-of-the-moment and that he was simply saying whatever came into his head at the time. 

After a disappointing summer round, he said: “I’ve done that one before on 18. Just a reaction to not being happy – but I definitely didn’t do a middle finger (gesture). 

“I’m not doing it to be funny. I’m just being myself, what comes into my head at that time. That’s it. I just had two bad swings back-to-back and that kind of effectively takes us out of the tournament.”

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