Dana White reveals Vince McMahon REJECTED the chance to buy the UFC

Dana White finally reveals Vince McMahon REJECTED the chance to buy the UFC at the start of the 21st century after company merges with the WWE

  • The WWE and UFC merged into a singular company named TKO Group Holdings
  • There had been unconfirmed reports that McMahon could have bought the UFC
  • White said Vince’s son Shane was also interested but a move didn’t materialise

UFC CEO Dana White has confirmed that Vince McMahon rejected the opportunity to buy the UFC in the early 21st century.

McMahon and White are now working together after the WWE was purchased by UFC owner Endeavor Group Holdings, with the WWE and UFC merging into a singular company named TKO Group Holdings earlier this week.

Though McMahon now no longer has a controlling stake in the WWE, he is TKO’s executive chairman, with White CEO of the UFC.

In the early 2000s is was suggested that Shane McMahon, Vince’s son, wanted the family to buy the UFC, but it was never clear if that was truly the case.

The rumours have been put to bed by White, however, after he told Big Boy TV that it was indeed the case that the McMahons could have been involved with the UFC.

UFC CEO Dana White has confirmed that Vince McMahon could have purchased the UFC in the early 21st century

Vince’s son Shane (pictured) also wanted to buy the company and could have still run things if Vince bought it

The WWE and UFC have recently merged into a singular company called TKO Group Holdings

‘Vince McMahon, from what I hear, his son Shane wanted to buy the UFC,’ White said.. Vince had the opportunity to buy it. And Vince said, “Yeah. No. We’re not gonna buy it.” 

‘Vince could have bought this thing and just put it on the shelf. Or Vince could have bought it and let his son [run it].’

The UFC was much less popular at the time that it is now, and is MMA’s biggest promotion and arguably the biggest in combat sports.

Several talents have crossed paths with both the UFC and WWE, including Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, CM Punk and Matt Riddle.

But there has often been competition between the two, with White saying earlier this week that Lawrence Epstein’s call for UFC fans to become WWE fans following the merger ‘one of the dumbest statements of all time’.

Vince (pictured) doesn’t have a majority stake in the WWE for the first time ever following the sale to Endeavor Group Holdings earlier this year

Instead of buying the UFC, Vince McMahon purchased competitor WCW and ECW’s video library and intellectual property.

He dominated the professional wrestling industry until All Elite Wrestling was former in 2019. Though the WWE is still ahead, AEW is seen as its biggest competitor potentially ever.

Shane, meanwhile, was heavily involved in the WWE until the start of 2022 when he was fired after receiving a negative reaction for his role in the Royal Rumble event, which received negative reviews.

Shane could potentially have one day taken over the WWE from his father, but that will almost certainly now not happen after his departure and the takeover. 

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