Edwards brands Covington a 'dirty human being' after win at UFC 296

Leon Edwards brands Colby Covington a ‘dirty human being’ after UFC 296 win as he admits American’s vile pre-fight jibe about his late father reduced him to tears: ‘You can’t use that as entertainment’

  • Covington had joked about the death of Edwards’ father in leadup to the fight
  • After prevailing via unanimous decision the Brit ripped into his bitter rival
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Leon Edwards ripped into Colby Covington in an emotional speech after his win over the American at UFC 296, branding him a ‘dirty human being’ for joking about the death of his father.

Edwards cruised to a unanimous-decision victory in Las Vegas as Donald Trump watched the action unfold cage-side at the T-Mobile Arena.

Though despite Covington’s plans to have the former US President wrap the welterweight title around his waist if he prevailed, in the end it was the Brit whose hand was raised at the end of five drab rounds.

Covington sparked controversy in the leadup to his showdown with Edwards after making a vile joke about his rival’s late father, who was shot and killed in a London nightclub when the MMA star was just 13.

And after the victory, Edwards admitted his opponent’s words reduced him to tears.

Leon Edwards ripped into Colby Covington in an emotional speech after his win over the American at UFC 296

Edwards beat Covington on points before branding him a ‘dirty human being’ afterwards

Covington had made vile comments about Edwards’ late father in the buildup to the fight

‘This fight was very emotional for me,’ he said. ‘This guy used my dad’s death as entertainment. He used my dad’s murder as entertainment, and it took a lot for me to calm down, stay focused and come win this fight.

‘I spoke to my coaches, I spoke to my mum and I kind of shut it all down.’

He continued: ‘After the press conference I went backstage and I was crying just from the rage. You can’t use my dad’s death as entertainment, and that’s what he did.

‘To this day it still breaks my heart that he got murdered. He said my dad should burn in hell.’

Edwards then rounded off his post-fight interview with a stinging assessment of Covington’s character. 

‘He’s a great competitor, but just a dirty human being.’

Edwards went into Saturday after winning and defending the title against former champion Kamaru Usman in his last two fights. With this win, he extends his unbeaten streak to 13 fights. 

The 32-year-old executed a leg kick-heavy game plan while negating most of Covington’s takedown attempts to tally 49-46 across all three score cards. While the fight was won soundly, it was not as exciting as fans had hoped.

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