Tyson Fury received an offer from the UFC to fight Jon Jones

Tyson Fury reveals he has received a shock offer from the UFC to fight Jon Jones and insists his team are ‘looking to move forward’ with the bout… as he prepares for crossover showdown with Francis Ngannou

  • Tyson Fury confirmed he has received an offer from the UFC to face Jon Jones 
  • He talked up the chances of the epic showdown going ahead in the future 
  • Fury is already preparing for another crossover fight with Francis Ngannou 

Tyson Fury has revealed he received a huge offer from the UFC to fight heavyweight champion Jon Jones – and insists he is still looking to secure the lucrative showdown in the future.  

The Gypsy King is already preparing for another crossover with an MMA fighter after facing off with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou on Thursday ahead of their epic bout in Saudi Arabia on October 28. 

Fury has faced criticism after he failed to set up an undisputed heavyweight clash with Oleksandr Usyk this year and instead turned to an MMA fighter, but he is still targeting even more crossover fights beyond Ngannou.

Jones – who has won 27 fights and lost just one – is considered the best in his division in the UFC and he will go up against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 on November 11 in another stern test having overcome Ciryl Gane earlier this year. 

Speaking after the press conference for his fight against Ngannou, Fury confirmed the rumours he could face Jones and that he had received an offer from the UFC, teasing that the pair could yet agree on a huge clash in the future.  

Tyson Fury has revealed he has received an offer from the UFC to face Jon Jones (R)

‘That’s 100 per cent true [that I received an offer to fight Jones],’ he said, as reported by the Sun.

‘I’ve had an offer from the UFC, from [WME] IMG, to fight Jon Jones. Frank Warren knows about it, my team knows about it.

‘It’s still ongoing and we’re looking to move forward on that for sure. Me and Jon have even spoke about it. It’s definitely a real thing.’

Fury admitted at the event that the world will be ‘laughing’ at him if he ends up on the losing side against Ngannou, claiming he will ‘deserve’ to be mocked if he cannot defeat an MMA fighter competing in his first boxing bout.

‘I need to be on my A-game,’ he said. ‘There’s more on the line now than in a boxing fight. There’s more riding on this than ever before.

‘If I lose to an MMA guy I’ll never be able to show my face in public again. It’s going to ridicule me – people will chuck it at me forever. 

The Gypsy King is already preparing for another crossover bout with ex-UFC star Francis Ngannou

‘Whether the media want to take it as a joke, make no mistake Tyson Fury will leave zero stones unturned and I will come in as my fittest and strongest I’ve ever been to defeat this man.

‘If I’m not and I get knocked out, then I want you all to laugh at me. That’s what I want, because I deserve it.’

Fury also cast doubt on facing Usyk in the near future, calling his Ukrainian rival a ‘bottler’ and chose to focus on his ‘other projects coming up’. 

‘Once a bottler always a bottler’, Fury said of Ukrainie’s rival champion. ‘And that goes for Dubois as well.

‘I’d knock out Usyk easy. He bottled it when Dubois hit him with a low blow. He was rolling around on the canvas squealing like a p**** b****’.

‘I’ve taken worse than that in the balls than he did and I carried on like a fighting man should.

‘Then Dubois bottled it when he was put down. Both are quitters. Proven.

Usyk (pictured) has been tipped to share the ring with the Gyspy King at some point this year

‘Usyk surprised me because I thought he was a warrior. Now we know he’s not. I wouldn’t stop him with a body shot. I’d knock him out with punch to the chin.

‘He would never get up the way I always do if I’m put down. If the fight ever happens he will have to come to me like the little man he is.

‘After what we’ve seen now he can’t expect a big share of the money. A p**** can’t come to the rich man’s table and expect the same deal.

‘I’ll do the fight (probably in the Saudi Kingdom again) if he is willing to take it on the right terms.

‘But does he really want it? Or will he just find someone to take peanuts again like he did against Dubois?

‘We’ll see. If he doesn’t fancy the Gypsy King I’ve got other big projects coming up.’

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