How are retired NBA stars doing?

Athletes have noticeably lower age requirements for taking a well-deserved rest compared to other professions. Therefore, you can become a pensioner both at 35 and 25 years old. But today we will take an interest in the life of legends who are already under 60 or more. They were once applauded, pursued by fans and loved by women. How do they live now?

Perhaps fate continues to deal trump cards to them, bets made win as on , or has everything changed?

Walt Frazier

Everything is also true to himself and stunning costumes. He is already 77, but this absolutely does not prevent him from commenting on basketball matches and arguing with opponents.

Scottie Pippen

Let’s put it this way: he’s a little weird and puts bets a little on the wrong, despite his relative youth. The fact that he created his own brand of bourbon is great. He wrote an autobiography – honor and respect, but why not his own, but Michael Jordan’s? Well, at least he trolled a former teammate. Although most likely, this is revenge for the film.

Isiah Thomas

He didn’t do well as a coach, although it’s not a fact that it’s only his fault. After some time, he became interested in television. And then the film “The Last Dance” appeared, in which Isaiah Thomas plays the role of the “bad boy”. He, of course, is trying to whitewash his reputation. But why? After all, not everyone likes white, someone likes it darker.

John Stockton

He joined the anti-vaxxers, is very active in this direction, so they started talking about him again.

Julius Irving

How is this basketball star doing at 72? Everything is fine and everyone who watched “Breakthrough in the NBA” knows about it. After all, he starred there!

Karl Malone

What he will do after his sports career, Karl, apparently, catastrophically often thought. Therefore, I provided myself with an interesting business for the rest of my life: to gather my children across countries and continents and build relationships with them.

Kevin Garnett

He turned out to be another fan of art. He wrote an autobiography (like his own) and starred in Uncut Gems.

Michael Jordan

Honestly, Michael enjoys life, having learned since childhood that it’s like a casino here: if you’re lucky, play while luck favors you. And when he gets tired of rest, he gives interviews or allows films to be made about him.

Jerry West

84 years is not a hindrance to successful intellectual work. West advises the Clippers, where he is respected and adored by everyone, including the fans. The success of this team in basketball haunts the Lakers. They even made a series about themselves, because of which the elderly Jerry is forced to go to court about libel.

Can the Lakers still return to the game? There are enough stars in cinema.