Formula One driver VOMITS inside his helmet during Qatar Grand Prix

Formula One driver VOMITS inside his helmet during the sweltering Qatar Grand Prix with the grid subjected to farcical humidity… leaving several racers requiring medical attention

  • World champion Max Verstappen emerged victorious at the Qatar Grand Prix 
  • However, the race was marred by sweltering heat and several struggling drivers 
  • One racer was sick in his helmet and several took themselves to the medical bay 

Formula One driver Esteban Ocon has revealed he was sick inside his crash helmet during a sweltering Qatar Grand Prix that left several of his rivals feeling sick.

A number of racers complained of illness after humid evening temperatures subjected them to either dehydration or heat exhaustion around the Lusail circuit.

Some even required attention and took themselves to the medical centre post-race, with the farcical spectacle criticised as being ‘beyond the limit’ and ‘too extreme’.

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon admitted that he had vomited in his helmet on lap 15 but managed to complete the race despite the mercury ticking over 40 degrees.

Williams driver Logan Sargeant was forced to retire as he struggled to cope with the relentless conditions and was spotted clambering out of his car unsteadily.

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon vomited inside his helmet during the sweltering Qatar Grand Prix

Mercedes’ George Russell described the race as ‘brutal’ and said he was close to passing out

His team later said he had been cleared by medics on-site after ‘suffering from intense dehydration’ during the race and ‘flu-like symptoms earlier in the week’.

Sargeant’s team-mate Alex Albon was also checked over at the medical centre and treated for acute heat exposure. After a short period, he too was cleared.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll was forced to find an ambulance to receive treatment, while race winner Max Verstappen was among those to cool down on the floor.

Mercedes driver George Russell said: ‘It was an absolutely brutal race, by far the most physical I have ever experienced. I felt close to fainting.’

He then went on to add he had ‘never experienced anything like that before’.

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