David Seaman’s golf balls have ‘little semen’ on – and was called ‘Harry Monk’

David Seaman embraced his surname by drawing little semen on his golf balls.

The goalkeeping legend was on the receiving end of some brutal banter from school friends and team-mates and was even nicknamed 'Harry Monk' – cockney rhyming slang for 'sp*nk' – during the early part of his career. However, the affable Yorkshireman is able to see the funny side and even has golf balls personalised in honour of his rather unfortunate moniker.

Seaman opened up about it during an appearance on the Tubes & Ange Golf Life show. The Arsenal hero shocked the Soccer AM legend by showing him a close-up of one of his balls while on the course.

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“Talk to me about that,” said a confused-looking Tubes. “It’s a little semen,” replied Seaman, laughing heartily.

He then explained: “It came from a TaylorMade golf day. We’re all doing little dots on our balls and everything. I just did this dot with a little squiggle.

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“My mate went ‘what’s that?’ And I went ‘it’s a little semen’. They [TaylorMade] now send me balls with the logo. It’s amazing.” An impressed Tubes said: “That is class.”

Tubes then asked Seaman if he’d been lumbered with any rude nicknames. “Of course,” replied the Euro 96 hero, who added: “Obviously Sp*nky straight away. I found out in sex education lessons when I was 14 that another word for sperm is semen. ‘Oh s***!’ [I thought]. They all went ‘arrrrr, Sp*nky!’”

Seaman continued: “When I went to QPR, I was like ‘guys, you can’t be calling me that in front of the kids’. They were like ‘all right then, we’ll make a name up for you. We know, we’ll call you H or Harry, [short for] Harry Monk!”

A laughing Tubes responded: “Harry Monk with a little bit of semen on his goal ball – amazing!”

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