Fans slam Premier League's decision to hand Everton a 10-point penalty

‘Man City should be TERRIFIED!’: Fans slam Premier League’s decision to hand Everton a 10-point penalty for alleged FFP breaches, as they call for Pep Guardiola’s men to be punished after being hit with 115 charges earlier this year

  • Everton have been deducted 10 league points for alleged FFP breaches 
  • Fans have hit out at the severe punishment handed to Everton on social media 
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Fans have reacted furiously to Everton being handed a 10-point penalty for alleged Financial Fair Play (FFP) breaches.

The Premier League announced their decision on Friday afternoon following an investigation by their commission, with Sean Dyche’s men now dropping to 19th in the table.

Everton released a statement declaring that they were ‘shocked and disappointed’ by the verdict, and they are set to appeal the ruling.

Manchester City are also being investigated after they were hit with 115 charges for allegedly breaking financial rules back in February.

Pep Guardiola’s side are yet to receive any punishment, and supporters have lashed out at the way their case has been handled in comparison to Everton’s, while also warning the champions that they should be concerned about what could be coming their way.

Sean Dyche’s Everton have been deducted 10 points for alleged breaches of FFP rules

Pep Guardiola’s Man City are still waiting to see if they will be punished after being hit with 115 charges earlier this year

City were hit with the charges in February but no decision has been made on their case yet

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‘Everton get a 10 point deduction for ffp rules being broken… Man City should be terrified,’ one fan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

‘If Everton have been docked 10 points, Man City should be playing in the National League by the time their case is heard!’ a fan account added.

‘Everton have just been deducted 10 points but Man City completely avoid any punishment. FFP is so inconsistent, how do big clubs keep getting away without punishment?’ another asked.

One fan wrote: ‘If Everton are being hit with a 10 point fine I can’t wait to see what proportionally just punishment is meted out to Man City’s exponentially more egregious breaches.’

Fresh questions have also been asked in recent days of Chelsea’s dealings during the Roman Abramovich era, after leaked files reportedly revealed ‘secret payments’ between the former owner and associates of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Chelsea and City were also involved in trying to form the breakaway European Super League before it collapsed in 2021.

One fan believes the two clubs will end up not being punished as heavily as Everton as they feel there is preferential treatment given to the ‘Big Six’ teams.

‘The @premierleague are a disgrace,’ they wrote.

‘Using Everton to make an example and show an independent regulator isn’t needed.

‘The cowards won’t have the bottle to do the same with Chelsea & Man City though.

‘Remember 6 clubs who wanted to leave for the Super League were fined just £3.6m.’ 

Everton’s points deduction comes after they reported losses of almost £372m over a three-year-period when the competition’s limit is £105m.

The club have strongly denied any wrongdoing, and believed they would be cleared as they claimed they received allowances from the Premier League due to the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, they have now been found to have got on the wrong side of FFP and have paid the penalty as they drop into the relegation zone.

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