‘I was injured at Leeds – I’d drink 15 pints a day but not feel drunk’

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    A former Leeds and Manchester United star has revealed he used to down 15 pints a day during one of the lowest points of his career.

    Lee Sharpe is best known for his time at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson, whom he played under for eight years. But after being usurped on the left wing by Ryan Giggs, Sharpe moved on to Leeds in a bid to secure regular first-team football.

    His spell at Elland Road was blighted by injury and on the eve of the 1997/98 season he snapped a cruciate ligament in his knee, ruling him out for the entire campaign. Sharpe then had to endure some tough treatment from manager George Graham, who didn’t make life easy for injured players.

    “George made it difficult for everyone who was injured,” he recalled on the Undr The Cosh podcast.

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    “You had to come in before everybody else at training so you had to drive through rush-hour. You then had to do a session after they’d done lunch. You did a three o’clock session so you’d have to drive through rush-hour again at five.

    “He was just making things really awkward so it was a really depressing, dark time to be injured. It felt like all the injured players were being punished. It made it twice as hard.”

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    Asked if he went out drinking during his long layoff, Sharpe said: “At the start I did. I’m not a massive drinker. I can drink and stay all right, then I get to a point where I’m like, ‘right, now I need to go to sleep’.

    “My pint limit on a good day is seven or eight, then a couple of shorts to see me off at the end. I reckon I was going out then, having 15 pints and not feeling drunk because of the situation. I was having 15 pints a day.”

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