Lyon manager Fabio Grosso is left BLEEDING after suffering nasty cuts

Lyon manager Fabio Grosso is left BLEEDING after suffering nasty cuts as club’s team coach is ‘hit by rocks’ ahead of their clash against Marseille… with the game CALLED OFF following attack

  • Grosso was left with heavy facial injuries after rocks were thrown at the bus
  • Lyon were heading south to Marseille ahead of their league match on Sunday 
  • The bus arrived damage and Grosso has been seen bandaged up after treatment


Lyon’s team bus was subjected to an attack before their Ligue 1 clash with Marseille on Sunday night, resulting in injuries to their manager, Fabio Grosso. 

The two football clubs are well-known rivals in French football, and Lyon’s team bus came under a barrage of stones and bricks as it headed to the Velodrome stadium in Marseille. 

Grosso, a former World Cup winner from Italy, suffered significant injuries and was bleeding profusely due to shards of glass striking his face.

Upon reaching the stadium, Grosso received immediate medical attention from on-site experts to control the bleeding. The incident led to discussions about whether the match should proceed, although no decision had been made at that point. 

Grosso was heavily bandaged by medical personnel at the stadium, as the rocks thrown at the bus had shattered the glass, causing injury to his face. The game was called off as a result of the attack.

Lyon manager Fabio Grosso suffered injuries as a result of an attack on his team’s bus before their game against Marseille

The Italian arrived at the ground with his head heavily bandaged after receiving treatment

Lyon’s team bus eventually made it to the ground but was severely damaged due to the attacks

The police escort did little to prevent the bus from being attacked, with stones reportedly thrown as well as fireworks

Grosso’s assistant, Raffaele Longo, reportedly suffered an eye injury from glass shards when the bus’s right-side windows gave way during the attack. 

Players disembarking from the bus appeared visibly shaken by the incident. Currently, the extent of the injuries suffered by the former full-back is unknown.

Meetings had been taking place at the stadium ahead of what was a planned 7:45 kick-off, with the decision made to postpone the fixture.

Footage shared on social media appeared to show the team bus receiving a police escort to the ground as hooded fans booed and launched objects at the vehicle.

Fireworks could seemingly be seen getting thrown towards the bus, which was clearly damaged as sirens rang out in the background.

Dozens of people appeared to be involved in the attack, with the bus at times a stationary target for those throwing objects.

Images from inside the ground appeared to show Lyon fans trying to break the net separating supporters from the pitch in the stands. 

Lyon fans tried to break the net preventing them from accessing the pitch inside the ground

Grosso was only appointed Lyon manager a month before the game, taking over from Laurent Blanc

Fans threw objects at the bus as it approached the ground for the latest match in a violent rivalry

The match was eventually called off, with those on board looking visibly shaken upon arrival

Grosso was appointed as Lyon’s manager just a month prior to the attack, taking over from former Manchester United defender Laurent Blanc.

Lyon’s performances haven’t improved since his appointment, with only one point earned in the four matches following the managerial change. 

They are currently two points behind Clermont at the bottom of the league standings. Marseille entered the Sunday night meeting in ninth place, having secured three wins in their first nine league games.

The rivalry between the two clubs dates back to 1945 and is branded the ‘Choc des Olympiques’, which translates to ‘Clash of the Olympics’.

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