Mark Clattenburg yellow card during Sidemen match Uno REVERSED

Into the book, ref! Former Premier League official Mark Clattenburg left bemused after yellow card shown during the Sidemen charity match was Uno REVERSED by cheeky YouTuber

  • Mark Clattenburg officiated the Sidemen charity match at the London Stadium 
  • A yellow card shown to Max Fosh was then Uno reversed back by the YouTuber 
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Mark Clattenburg was left visibly stunned after seeing a yellow card shown during the Sidemen charity match reversed back to him by a superbly-timed Uno stunt.

The former Premier League and FIFA official, who refereed in the top-flight between 2004 and 2017, took charge of the showdown for the second year running.

However, despite the game being held to raise money for charity, Clattenburg was forced to reach for his cards after a particularly rash tackle at the London Stadium.

Indeed, with the Sidemen leading 6-4 against the YouTube All-Stars and with just 12 minutes left on the clock, Max Fosh steamed into a challenge on Simon Minter. 

Clattenburg, 48, was quick on the scene and brandished a yellow to Fosh.

Mark Clattenburg was left bemused after an Uno card stunt during the Sidemen charity game

Clattenburg’s yellow card shown to Max Fosh was reversed back to him courtesy of the move

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But in a likely first for the sport, Clattenburg soon found the caution swinging back around to him, courtesy of Fosh pulling out a green Uno reverse card.

In the popular game, the reverse card effectively changes the order of turns, meaning, in simple terms, that Clattenburg had inadvertently booked himself.

Much to the delight of the 60,000 crowd, Fosh escaped further punishment.

In footage posted on social media, Clattenburg was seen seemingly taken aback by Fosh’s comical move, with the player showing off his green card to matchgoers.

The moment was also witnessed by the 2.5million people watching online.

YouTuber Fosh hilariously brandished the reverse card, much to the delight of the crowd

The Sidemen again beat the YouTube All-Stars in front of a large crowd at the London Stadium

KSI endured a mixed outing in goal after saving a penalty but then scoring a bizarre own goal

Ultimately, the Sidemen took home the trophy after winning the thriller 8-5.

A staggering amount of money was raised for Campaign Against Living Miserably, the Teenage Cancer Trust and a wish-granting charity, Rays of Sunshine.

Within just two hours, the match had put more than £2.4m toward noble causes. 

Manny scored a hat-trick to put the YouTube All-Stars to the sword while Ethan Payne, known as Behzinga, scored at the home of West Ham, the club he supports.

KSI also featured but endured a mixed outing, having saved a penalty from IShowSpeed before scoring a comical own goal after rolling over his own line.


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