Reynolds and McElhenney did 'monarchy boot camp' before King's visit

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney open up on ‘monarchy boot camp’ to prepare for King Charles’ visit to Wrexham last year… and getting a ‘crash course in royal etiquette

  • King Charles and Queen Camilla visited the Welsh club last December
  • And Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made sure to prepare for their guests
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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney underwent ‘monarchy boot camp’ prior to King Charles’ visit to the club last year, they revealed in a new video.

King Charles and Queen Camilla made the trip to Wales last December, and a new promotional clip for season two of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ shows the preparations that the club’s Hollywood owners went through beforehand.

‘So, the King of England called,’ Reynolds said in the video. ‘We went to monarchy boot camp.’

‘It’s like the military except your pinky’s always up,’ he added.

In the humorous video, Reynolds and McElhenney can be seen being guided by an etiquette coach, who informs them that their handshake with the Royals must only be ‘two pumps and release.’

Ryan Reynolds meets with King Charles last summer at Wrexhmam’s Racehorse Ground

King Charles was also introduced to Wrexham players  by club manager Phil Parkinson

Rob McElhenney stood beside Queen Camilla during the visit, which happened in December

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 ‘I feel like a serial killer,’ Reynolds laughed in the clip.

McIlhenney added in the show, as reported by the New York Post, ‘I think I am going have a hard time with this.’

‘The idea of bowing to somebody. It triggers something.’

Wrexham’s executive director, Humphrey Ker, reportedly explained the importance of the Royals’ visit.

‘We are trying to get £20m worth of Kop [stadium seating] funding from the UK government,’ he said. ‘Two years of work has gone into lining up all the pieces of the puzzle to try and get this funding and that will give us an extra 5,500 seats.’ 

‘It will also give us a stadium that is deemed to be of international standards so we can bring Welsh football back to the Racecourse. It’s the biggest and most expensive piece of the endeavor.’

The Hollywood pair bought the club in November 2020, and Wrexham was promoted last year

Despite Reynolds and McIlhenney’s qualms, the visit seemed to go well as King Charles glowed about the trip.

‘I had the opportunity to see one of the other wonders of Wrexham, namely the football club, which is busy putting Wrexham on the map as never before,’ he told dignitaries during the visit.

Reynolds and McIlhenney, who have owned the club since November 2020, has seen Wrexham explode in popularity due to its FX show, which returns for a second season on September 12.

And on the field, The Red Dragons were promoted last season to League Two, the fourth tier of English soccer.

The club sits 13th after six games, with two wins and three draws. 

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