Roy Hodgson was rushed to hospital after falling ill – and put Palace on radio

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    Roy Hodgson was forced to listen to Crystal Palace's defeat at Aston Villa on the radio after being taken ill.

    The 76-year-old was taken to an NHS hospital last weekend with Paddy McCarthy and Ray Lewington filling in for him at Villa Park. Now feeling good after getting the all clear from blood tests, Hodgson will be hoping to avoid radio coverage for the foreseeable future.

    The former England boss said before his return to Selhurst Park as Palace host Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday: "It was frustrating and disappointing. I received excellent treatment with the tests and the way people were racing around to look after me.

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    “People can't be 100 per cent certain what caused the attack, which put me suddenly in a hospital after expecting to have lunch and go to the game. Luckily the initial recovery was pretty quick, but listening to the radio was frustrating.

    “The attack was sufficiently strong that for a good couple of hours when I got taken to this really good NHS hospital, the Good Hope in Sutton Coldfield, my major concern was: 'What the hell is going on? Why am I feeling like this?'

    “Luckily an hour or so later I was feeling much better, I won't say perfect because they were still taking pulse and oxygen rates.

    “They started from the worst scenario and worked down. If it was simply a virus and bacteria, what's the problem?

    "But they work from further down. How's the heart? Lungs? They work through loads of blood tests, and the good news was they came out on my side.

    "So I feel more confident than ever I can be out on that field a little bit longer. I'm feeling good.” Hodgson has overseen eight wins from 16 matches since his return to Palace in March, just under two years after his first spell at the club came to an end.

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    The former Blackburn, Fulham, Liverpool and West Brom boss, who can speak five languages, has not got a taste for radio coverage after his scary experience.

    He concluded: "It was not a good experience. The (streaming) link was sent to us but we couldn't get it to work so we had the even worse experience of listening on the radio – and that isn't something I'd recommend.

    “They do a good job these radio reporters, and make it very exciting. But the problem is every time Villa had the ball, the way they were talking you think they're going to score!

    “My advice to managers if they find themselves in that situation is to get a TV otherwise you might need those heart tests!”

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