Sean Dyche claims Everton have accepted 'low-level' standards

Sean Dyche claims Everton have accepted ‘low-level’ standards and become a ‘big club without big delivery’

  • Everton have taken four points from their opening seven Premier League games
  • Sean Dyche urged his side to ‘make it work’ as they face a new relegation battle 
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Sean Dyche believes things have gone so badly for Everton in the last few years everyone within the club now accepts much lower standards.

After narrowly escaping relegation in the last two seasons the Toffees have begun this campaign with just four points from seven matches and defeat to newcomers Luton last weekend was their fourth successive home defeat.

The assumption is they will be in another battle against the drop but, based on recent history, will probably survive and that is the thinking Everton boss Dyche is trying to change.

‘It is a fine line. You can call it low-level norms. The whole club has has adapted to low-level norms and the team can get trapped into that,’ he said.

‘We have to break through these barriers of low level norms where it just becomes ‘alrightness’.

Sean Dyche feels Everton have come to accept ‘low-level standards’ in recent years

The Toffees have taken four points from their opening seven Premier League games 

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”Oh it will be alright because it is kind of what Everton do, we kind of fight, we do a bit, we have a hot bit, then we drop back down’ and it just becomes a new norm.

‘I must make clear I don’t mean the fans. The club and the way it is and the team and the delivery has all been a bit ‘We are a big club’ without big delivery.

‘I have been talking to the players about breaking through these barriers.

‘I got promoted four times with teams not with the grandeur of this club and when you get that winning feeling it becomes a constant and becomes a high-level norm. It is amazing how much you will fight for that high level norm.

‘The model, the team, it has become a bit ‘Oh it will work.’ No, it only works when we make it work. I reaffirm that to the team all the time.’

They face fellow top flight strugglers Bournemouth at Goodison Park on Saturday


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