Spain's World Cup-winning women 'confirm they will REFUSE call-up'

Spain’s Women’s World Cup winners ‘confirm that they will REFUSE to play for their national side’ after ‘insufficient structural changes’ following Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso

  • Spain’s women’s World Cup side have reportedly confirmed they will not play 
  • They held a meeting last night ahead of today’s squad announcement
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Spain’s Women’s World Cup winners have reportedly confirmed that they will refuse to play for their national side after meeting yesterday to discuss whether they should accept call ups for their upcoming Nations League campaign. 

La Roja’s new head coach, Montse Tome will today name her squad for their first two international matches since winning the World Cup. 

However she will likely be hamstringed by the absence of her best players, after reports emerged that the squad will refuse the call-up, as per Spanish reports, due to insufficient structural changes.

A statement is also expected form the players outlining the changes that they expect to see moving forward, despite former president Luis Rubiales announcing his resignation earlier this week. 

A total of 81 players had signed a letter stating that they would reject the call-up, which was released last month by players’ union FutPro.

Spain’s Women’s World Cup winners are reportedly going to refuse to play for their national side after meeting yesterday to discuss whether they should accept call ups

New Spain coach Montse Tome, who is set to replace sacked manager Jorge Vilda , is set to name her squad for their first two international matches since winning the World Cup today

It comes after Spainish FA president Luis Rubiales sparked outrage after he forcibly kissed forward Jenni Hermoso at the 2023 Women’s World Cup 

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The word champions are due to play Sweden on September 22 and Switzerland on 26 in the inaugural women’s Nations League, but many of the team’s players may snub their selection. 

According to Relevo, a virtual meeting took place at 9pm last night between the players ‘to assess, as a team, what they would do if they were called up by Tome’.

The outlet reports that the meeting went on for three hours with players ‘presenting al their arguments’ as they considered not returning to the national team until ‘there are deeper changes in the structure of the National Team and Spanish Football Association (RFEF).’

The meeting also reportedly included several of the ‘Las 15’ players who chose to self-exile themselves from an international call up last year, including seven players who also opted to omit their names from the 2023 World Cup squad.

Those names included Mapi León, Patri Guijarro, Claudia Pina, Lola Gallardo, Ainhoa ​​Moraza, Amaiur Sarriegi and Nerea Eizagirre. 

The 15 players wrote to the Spanish FA claiming they would not be available for selection while Vilda remained in his position. But the RFEF issued a strongly-worded statement in response, stating that the selected players had committed a ‘very serious infraction’ by refusing to play for the country.

The group of players who were involved in yesterday’s meeting will, according to Relevo, ‘communicate their decision to the Spanish FA together on Friday.’ 

It adds: ‘The players want to be forceful with their actions and convey the reasons to the federative entity.’ 

‘Their main arguments revolve around the treatment received by the integrity area, the communication, marketing and football departments,’ Relevo states.

Hermoso filed formal complaint against Rubiales last week, describing the kiss as a ‘sexist act’ that happened without her consent

Rubiales (left) was reluctant to resign but has subsequently announced he will be leaving his post in an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan (right)

‘In the latter, the players do not trust, despite their attempts to convince them of a desire for changes that have not occurred, in Rafa del Amo, president of women’s football in the RFEF – despite having submitted his resignation -, and Ana Álvarez, director.’

The outlet states: ‘The players would not return to the current leaders (of the Spanish FA)’ 

According to Relevo, the lack of sensitivity given to Jenni Hermoso, the pressures she received from Rubiales and the Spanish FA were decisive factors the squad have used to make their decision.  

It comes after former Spain FA president Luis Rubiales announced his resignation last week after he sparked outrage forcefully kissing Spain star Hermoso on the lips during the medal ceremony at the 2023 Women’s World Cup final. 

The ‘kissgate scandal’ has sparked protests and seen many players voice their support for Hermoso including England’s Lionesses. FIFA had also initially handed Rubiales a 90-day suspension and are now pushing to ban him for longer. 

Today, the 46-year-old former president has been summoned to Madrid’s Audiencia Nacional where he will appear before Judge Francisco de Jorge to face sexual assault charges. 

Members of Spain’s World Cup winning side will make their position clear on Friday and will not accept call ups until ‘there are deeper changes in the structure of the National Team and Spanish Football Association (RFEF).’

It comes after the unrelenting president reportedly refused to resign amid mounting pressure and calls to quit. 

Former Spain women’s coach Vilda was also sacked from his position last week and claimed his dismissal was ‘unfair’.

In August, Spain’s Women’s Football Committee president Del Amo resigned from his position after it appeared Rubiales would not be stepping down from his posting. 

Del Amo oversaw the body that supervises women’s football in Spain and claimed upon his resignation that he could ‘not be involved in a project he didn’t believe in.’ 


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