Video of Rocket League Ultras have fans saying atmosphere ‘better than Prem’

They may have just been watching a computer game, but it didn’t stop ultras from getting right behind their side during a Rocket League event.

Rocket League is a vehicular football game – using cars to knock around the ball – which was first released in 2015 and has built an impressive following around the world. Top players can represent their clubs, with some events even taking place at indoor arenas and attracting thousands of supporters.

One such event, believed to be in France, saw fans give it the full ultras treatment with banners, flags and even vociferous chanting. Footage has also emerged on social media of supporters performing the Poznan, which sees them turn away from the action, link arms and jump up and down in unison.

The footage has left more traditional football fans gobsmacked, with some quipping that the atmosphere was superior than at many Premier League grounds.

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“Funny how it’s a better atmosphere than 85% of the Premier League,” said one.

Many fans on social media made jokes at Manchester City’s expense, with the atmosphere, or lack thereof, at the Etihad often criticised by rival fans.

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“Making more noise than City’s fans,” joked one. Another chirped: “Better atmosphere than the Etihad.” A third said: “Better fans than City have.”

Meanwhile, one fan scoffed: “This is actually so cringe, grown men doing that.”

Another added: “That’s hysterical.” But one fan praised: “Rocket League atmospheres are insane to be fair.”

After proving a hit on games consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, Rocket League was adopted as an official esport. As a result, professional players regularly take part through ESL Gaming and Major League Gaming, as well as developer Psyonix's own Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

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