Amir Khan admits boxing retirement U-turn consideration amid Pacquiao rumours

Amir Khan gave his clearest indication that he wants to return to boxing – but admits “my wife might kill me for this.”

The former unified light-welterweight champion announced his retirement soon after he was stopped in the sixth round by fierce rival Kell Brook in 2022. He was later banned from boxing after an urine sample collected by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) contained an Adverse Analytical Finding for Ostarine.

However, he is only banned until April 2024, where he will be free to return to the ring. As rumours about a potential clash against Manny Pacquiao continue to do the boxing rounds, Khan had a glimmer in his eye when asked about the prospect of returning to the sport he loves.

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When asked in an exclusive interview by Daily Star Sport if he will ever return to the ring, Khan, who was speaking on behalf of WOW Hydrate, said: "You know, the thing is, I still feel strong and I still feel young.

“I don't know man, I do miss it, don't get me wrong.” After taking a while to ponder his next words, he added: “You know what? I think we might… we might, maybe, maybe. But I don't know.

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“Look, it's a hard one for me, because my wife might kill me for saying that, and my kids.” Khan was definitive in his instance that he would not return to the ring, particularly when news about his drug test came to the boil.

However, a discovery he made at home appears to have forced him to ponder on those words. “You know why I said this [that he may return,” he asked. “Because my kids were watching my fights the other day on YouTube.

"I just caught them watching it. I did not even tell them to watch it. I caught them watching my fights. They said, "daddy, I wish we got to watch you fight".

"And you know what? My kids said that I was like, 'Wow, like, you know, it would have been amazing for them to see their dad in the rag and fighting, with the whole crowd being full'. So I might, maybe for them. I might do one more. Let's see."

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