Eddie Hearn says there is MASSIVE money on the table for AJ vs Fury

Eddie Hearn can’t see why Tyson Fury is turning Anthony Joshua down as he claims their tabling ‘massive money’ for their all-British bout!

  • Eddie Hearn says there is a massive amount of money on offer for Fury vs Joshua
  • Fury and AJ had been locked in negotiations over a Battle of British bout last year
  • The Gypsy King says he has no interest in fight Joshua now or in the future 

Eddie Hearn can’t understand why Tyson Fury is ruling out a future fight with Anthony Joshua and joked he is watching the Gypsy King’s new Netflix programme to try and understand the 35-year-old a bit more. 

Fury and Joshua had been locked in talks over a Battle of Britain bout last year but discussions broke down after the Gypsy King grew impatient waiting for the contract to be signed. 

Negotiations over the highly-anticipated bout had been ongoing for months before both parties declared the fight – which was scheduled to take place on December 3, 2022 – was officially off the cards. 

The Gypsy King said he was furious at AJ for ‘wasting his time’ and stated he would never fight the 33-year-old in the future as a result. Fury reaffirmed his position during an exclusive interview with Mail Sport last week. 

Fury said: ‘I don’t look forward to fighting him [Joshua] anymore. It’s not even a fight I want. That bubble has been burst for me. His virginity has been taken away so it’s not interesting for me anymore. 

Eddie Hearn can’t understand why Tyson Fury is ruling out a future fight with Anthony Joshua

Joshua knocked Robert Helenius out in their bout at the O2 Arena on August 12, 2023

However, Fury says he has no interested in fighting AJ as he was ‘spanked’ by Oleksandr Usyk 

‘He’s been spanked by Usyk twice and been beaten by a fat man. So it’s not in my interest to beat him. He needs to get to the back of the queue. That fight is gone, it’s dead. That fight was off the cards as soon as he got beaten.’

When asked for his opinion on Fury’s comments, Hearn told Mail Sport: ‘Fury said he’s not interested in undisputed and that he thinks Usyk is rubbish. 

‘He said he’s only interested in the big boys. But, who are the big boys? If it’s not Usyk and AJ, who is it? They are two massive fights. 

‘It frustrates me because if Fury beats Usyk and AJ, he goes down as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. He will have beaten Klitschko, Wilder, AJ and Usyk. 

‘And, it’s massive money for both fights. It’s not like the money is bad for those fights. I don’t get it. I’ll never get it.’

Hearn finished by joking: ‘I’ve been watching at Home With The Furys to try and understand him but I’ve not cracked it yet.’ 

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