Paul vs Danis fight status after YouTuber left bleeding from microphone hit

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis workout ahead of boxing fight

Logan Paul was hit with a microphone by Dillon Danis at a chaotic pre-fight press conference. The buildup to their fight at the AO Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom, on Saturday has been an ugly one but things have now been taken to another level.

The pair will fight on the same night Tommy Fury and KSI meet and there is certainly no love lost between the two. During one of their last opportunities to have a war of words before they clash in the boxing ring, tensions flared as they came face to face.

Paul made the first move, throwing what appeared to be a drink at his future opponent. It appeared to make Danis furious and the Bellator star moved forward and struck the social media megastar in the head with his microphone while security held the 28-year-old back.

Before either of them could get back at each other, more security members swarmed the stage and kept the two fighters apart. This incident could leave Paul doubtful to compete on Saturday, as cuts during training camp, or a particularly public incident such as this, have been known to cost fighters their bouts.

In the aftermath of the incident, Danis took to social media platform X to post a picture of drops of blood on the floor, presumably coming from Paul after he was hit. “Play with fire get burnt p**** @LoganPaul,” he wrote as he sent a chilling message to Paul before Saturday’s bout.

In a previous conversation, Danis was brutally honest with his thoughts on the WWE star. “I think he’s a scumbag, I think he’s egotistical, he bullies people that don’t have the same opinion as him,” the 30-year-old said.

“He makes them sign NDAs and lawsuits and all this s***, I just don’t respect him as a man or a boxer, I think he’s good in WWE, I’ll give him that but I don’t respect him as a person.” Paul will return to the boxing ring for his first professional boxing match since November 2019, though he did step into the ring to face Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match in June 2021.

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Before Thursday’s press conference, Danis had mocked and posted inappropriate pictures of Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal on social media. The model has since launched a $150,000 lawsuit against the combat star which has alleged a number of offenses in addition to being handed a temporary restraining order.

During an interview with Misfits Boxing, Paul did not hold back when describing what he wants to do to his next opponent. “Prediction for Dillon Danis, whatever the f*** I want,” he said. “If I wake up that day and I want to make him go three rounds, I’ll make him go three rounds. If I wake up that day and I want to make him go four rounds, I’ll go four rounds.

“If I want to take him out with body shots, if I want to break his ribs, if I want to break his nose, if I want to piece him up one by one, re-arrange his face delicately, surgically, I’m going to do that. I’m going to whatever that f*** I want to Dillon Danis. Oct. 14th.”

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