Francis Ngannou repeatedly punched in strange footage that ‘has to be a joke’

Francis Ngannou’s promo video for his bout against heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has left fans calling it a ‘joke’.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou takes on Fury in a bout billed as the ‘battle of the baddest’ on Saturday in Saudi Arabia. The crossover clash is a professional fight with the outcome recorded on both fighter’s record, although Fury’s WBC heavyweight title won’t be on the line.

Ahead of the fight, which will be the Cameroonian’s first boxing fight, he posted a video of him being repeatedly punched in the abs, although the punches didn’t appear to have any power behind them, causing fans to question whether the video was serious or not.

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Fans on social media started questioning the six second clip, with one saying: “Lol why is he punching like that?” A second said: “What the f*** is that?!”

A third added: “This has to be a joke.” While a fourth sarcastically commented: “That guy is way more jacked than Fury. Putting the house on Francis.”

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Ngannou has the chance to deal Fury the first defeat of his professional boxing career, and has brought in American boxing royalty Mike Tyson, who Fury is named after, as his coach. But even with Tyson’s influence, Ngannou is the huge outsider and even had former super-middleweight champion Carl Froch questioning whether Tyson would’ve been a more exciting opponent for Fury.

He told BestGamblingSites: “Bringing Mike Tyson in has brought more interest to it, it's like he's glamorised the event. Wherever he goes he's like a God. He's a f***ing mad, brilliant fighter and the ultimate fighting machine.

"There's an argument to say Mike Tyson would give Tyson Fury a better fight than Francis Ngannou. He's got all of that experience, he's an old man, but he'd give Tyson Fury more of a fight for two or three rounds than Francis Ngannou is going to manage.”

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