Topless ex-world champ boxer berates McDonald’s staff who threaten to call cops

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    Former multi-division boxing champion Adrien Broner was filmed berating and threatening McDonald's' staff.

    Broner posted an Instagram story of himself arguing and shouting at workers of the fast-food chain, while at the drive-thru and the counter. The whole exchange was filmed by a giggling friend, who refused to stop filming the fracas when politely asked by staff.

    Workers felt so alarmed by the confrontation they threatened to call the police unless he calmed down.

    It is currently unclear as to whether a 911 call was made during the altercation.

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    The saga began when he accepted his McDonald's order at a drive-thru. He could be heard vociferously demanding to be served by the person he spoke to over the drive-thru phone. He then aggressively said: “Don’t be spitting in my s*** man.” As he drove out of the drive-thru, his friend also shouted: “Hey, you all better not spit in my s***”, as Broner giggled.

    However, things took an intimidating turn when Broner and his friend, who was still recording, strutted into the store to confront staff. “Hey, my boy,” Broner yelled. “Who cooked this, my boy? Somebody check my s*** right here, my boy. I got to check it right here to make sure nobody…” before he was interrupted by staff.

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    "What happened, sir” the female member of staff ended. He shouted: “I’ve got to check it [the order] to make sure ain’t nothing wrong with my order.”

    After, the same brave lady said: “You need a shirt to be in here,” he sarcastically said: “Hey ma'am, relax,” before she replied: “No you relax.”

    Broner then looked through a door on the other side of the counter and appeared to make eye contact with a youngster working in the kitchen.

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    He then yelled: “My boy, come holler at me my n*****, before I come grab you up back there, my boy.”

    As the woman behind the counter threatened to call the police, the member of the kitchen staff came out from the back and looked eager to confront him.

    The video ended as she could be seen talking to the youngster and telling him to go back into the kitchen. Broner was once considered to be the next Floyd Mayweather.

    Over the course of his career, he has won the WBO super featherweight, WBC lightweight, WBA super lightweight, and WBA welterweight champion and recently overcame Bill Hutchinson in what was his first fight since 2021. But his career has been marred by legal challenges, and he has also had mental health issues outside of the ring.

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